Apple's Self-Driving Car Fleet Expanded To 27 Vehicles

Apple's Self-Driving Car Fleet Expanded To 27 Vehicles

Apple's Self-Driving Car Fleet Expanded To 27 Vehicles

A little more than a year ago, Apple chose to completely shift the focus of its vehicle research initiative.

While it was long rumored that Apple is interested in developing a full-fledged auto, the company only seems to be working on self-driving vehicle technology that it might end up selling to conventional auto manufacturers.

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This is probably not how Project Titan's code is arranged. Last July, CEO Tim Cook confirmed in an interview that the iPhone maker is now "focusing on autonomous systems", rather than, say, a vehicle stamped with the Apple logo and that this could be used for many different purposes. Calling the company's research into self-driving cars the "mother of all AI projects", Cook added that while the work is incredibly hard, it's nonetheless an incredibly strategic area for Apple. Now, according to Bloomberg, that fleet has expanded to 27 vehicles, which seems more appropriately sized for Apple's aspirations.

Apple has registered an additional two dozen vehicles with California's Department of Motor Vehicles, indicating that the company's driverless auto ambitions are expanding significantly.

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It's unclear when Apple will actually speak publicly about its autonomous auto project, but given how far off driverless vehicles are at this point, it will likely be years until we know what's really going on in the tech giant's secret labs.

Indeed, there have been scattered sightings of the aforementioned Apple-operated Lexus vehicles in recent months.

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