An Apple iOS source code was leaked online

An Apple iOS source code was leaked online

An Apple iOS source code was leaked online

In what is no doubt embarrassing for Apple, some portions of iOS source code have leaked online and the same could be hot property for hackers seeking to create jailbreaks of iOS devices.

Apple iOS source code was leaked earlier this week by some anonymous hacker, raising concerns over the vulnerability of the iOS devices.

"The "iBoot" source code is proprietary, and it includes Apple's copyright notice", the tech giant said in a legal notice to GitHub.

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It could provide hackers with a treasure trove of information they could use to design new attacks against Apple's operating system iOS. While clarifying, the company said that the iPhone security doesn't rely on source code secrecy.

According to Apple, 93 percent of its customers use iOS 10 or above. "It is not open-source".

iBoot code is essentially the first line of defense when booting up an iPhone. There are no details on how ZioShiba got the iBoot source code, but after seeing it, we're certain it's the real deal. It ensures that the code being run is valid and is from Apple only. However, the user with the same handle is quite active on other platforms such as YouTube (talking about iOS hacks) and a Twitch account, notes DigitalTrends. In any case, Apple will have enough time to secure things up and might issue a patch to cover any risks posed by the leak.

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According to Gizmodo, that same bit of code has been circulating the web since late previous year, when a user uploaded it on Reddit. However, the original leak was found to be associated with iOS 9, which is a few generations removed from the currently-available iOS 11.

It is also the same reason the code could be so important for the hacking community who are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities and loop holes in operating systems. "This can be useful not only to advanced users of devices, but also to criminals".

Although it is not yet known whether the code came from inside Apple, security researchers believe it is authentic.

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The implication from the company is that even if the very latest version of the source code leaked, it would still not be represent a security threat, and this was further reduced by the age of the code.

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