Fortnite Has More Concurrent Players than PUBG

Fortnite Has More Concurrent Players than PUBG

Fortnite Has More Concurrent Players than PUBG

Nonetheless, 3.4 million players all playing Fortnite at once is an impressive achievement and a testament to Epic's dedication to constantly updating the game.

We know this because, through a publication on its blog, Epic Games announced that on Sunday, February 4, Fortnite reached the mark of 3.4 million concurrent users.

Fortnite is getting so big so fast that Epic's blog post also featured numerous mentions of how they are hiring in offices in Seattle, North Carolina, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, the UK, Stockholm, and Seoul.

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"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds,"also known as "PUBG", has managed to get to 3.2 million concurrent players".

You could spend next week's internationally recognised day of romance sharing precious time with friends and loved ones, or. you could hook yourself up with some V-Bucks, nab one of Fortnite Battle Royale's new seasonal costumes, and have fun role-playing as Cupid by shooting people with a silent crossbow this Valentine's Day.

Unfortunately, this milestone came with a bit of a caveat as Fortnite's servers crippled under the weight of this many players causing several outages.

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Moving forwards, the team is reworking how its infrastructure works, including work on making sure the servers or clients only call the backend when its necessary.

With the post going into a bunch of technical detail about the current server setup for Fortnite and the "challenges of rapidly scaling a game and its online services" it's a fascinating position that Epic now finds itself in. You can read about it, here.

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