Real life heroes star in Clint Eastwood French attack movie

Real life heroes star in Clint Eastwood French attack movie

Real life heroes star in Clint Eastwood French attack movie

Since making "American Sniper", Clint Eastwood has turned to American heroism as a theme. "He would just come up to us, say one thing, and then return to the monitor". "We were a little hesitant".

"I just remember realizing how much adrenaline played such a factor in the actual moment versus when we recreated it because even just kind of softly wrestling around with Ray in the beginning, like, I would be bumping my elbow on things and hitting my head on the glass".

Stone recalled, "Even when he asked us to be in the film, and we then asked about acting lessons, he said, "No, you don't want to do that".

The 15:17 to Paris review: Casting real world heroes as themselves is the weirdest thing Clint Eastwood's done since

For the three Sacramento-area men, it was the experience of a lifetime.

"The key to us being cast was authenticity, so you're trying to be true to who you are, but at the same time trying to scale back some insecurities that you have", Sadler told The News. That was the cool thing about having Mr Eastwood do it.

The longtime friends remember that harrowing day on the train well.

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During a break from active duty, the three friends embark on a sightseeing trip around Europe, including a train ride to Paris via Brussels. "Spencer and I were talking trash one day about how many dips we could do and Clint butts in and is like "When I was 75, I could do 25 dips" and we're like, 'Let's see what you can do right now!' The man is 87-years-old and does 10 bodyweight dips out of nowhere". By the time that goal comes to be, the film is nearly too lifeless to gain any frisson from the blood spilled on the train floor.

What is more clearly established is that Spencer is a war fanboy, and that the other two are only happy to follow, as he displays his collection of real and fake guns. This is particularly true for Stone, who we spend most of our time with in the early sections, who we see questioning first aid techniques, thinking outside the box when his army base potentially comes under threat, and excelling in Jiu-Jitsu. "For them to be honoured for what they did in such a big way is awesome because it's something we've always wanted but we just didn't know how we could do that".

In 2015, they were hailed as heroes by US President Barack Obama and given France's highest honours. In the film, numerous passengers are the same people who were on the train in 2015. Four people were injured on the 15:17 to Paris. Directed by actor, filmmaker and renowned heckler of empty chairs Clint Eastwood, the film is notable for starring the heroes themselves as the heroes themselves.

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"It was the most fun two months of my life, our lives", Sadler said. "It's more like a reunion for everyone". And while the friends' time together is short-lived, with Anthony changing schools and Alek moving to OR, their friendship perseveres. Although charismatic and likable, they are obviously not trained actors, and are overmatched by Eastwood's (working from Dorothy Blyskal's script adapted from a book co-written by Stone, Skarlatos and Sadler) leaden storytelling approach. Eastwood has bizarrely chosen to cast this section nearly entirely with comedic performers (Tony Hale as the gym teacher, Thomas Lennon as the principal, Jaleel White as the history teacher), which gives it the feel of a sneakily faith-based hour-long dramedy that might've aired on FOX circa 2005.

In an interview following Convocation, Sadler said he felt like college students could especially relate to their story and hopes that it can encourage them.

"Hopefully this launches movie careers for all three of us", said Sadler.

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