Apple investigating after man says AirPods exploded

Apple investigating after man says AirPods exploded

Apple investigating after man says AirPods exploded

Speaking to local news station News Channel Eight, he added: "It's the craziest thing I ever went through".

Colon says he believes the gadget's battery was responsible for the damage. Originally brought to light via WFLA in Tampa, Colon was in the midst of his regular workout routine at a nearby gym when he first noticed "white smoke billowing out".

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He promptly took both AirPods out and set them on a bit of rec center hardware while he looked for help, however when he restored, the AirPod being referred to was roasted and broken separated.

"It was already popped", Colon told WFLA. You can see flame damage. "I don't know what would've happened to my ear", he said. "But I'm sure my earlobe could've been burnt".

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A Florida resident was listening to music through his Apple AirPods when smoke started pouring out of the right earpiece, leaving it charred, it has been revealed.

This isn't the first case of a popular product bursting into flames. Such as the Beats headphones that exploded in flight burning a woman's ears, or the ubiquitous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that was prone to enough fiery incidents that it caused a series of nightmares for the company. While exploding AirPods is no doubt a less expensive problem than a high-end flagship catching fire, it could still be a significant dent in Apple's pocket if they ended up having to recall due to the fact that more AirPods exploded. "He's thankful he thought to remove the wireless AirPods when he sensed trouble".

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An Apple spokeswoman told the news station that the firm is investigating the claims.

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