Disney Inaugural Streaming Service Slate To Include Marvel And Star Wars Titles

Disney Inaugural Streaming Service Slate To Include Marvel And Star Wars Titles

Disney Inaugural Streaming Service Slate To Include Marvel And Star Wars Titles

Today we finally got some new details about Disney's new streaming service that is launching in 2019 to take on Netflix.

Disney has been meeting with several people within the creative community about its new service, and from those discussions, a few things have become clear (via Deadline).

As Recode spotted, Disney CEO Bob Iger told investors during the company's earnings call that ESPN Plus will feature content "not now featured on the main channels".

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It will be interesting to see what Disney does to try to bring in a new audience to a TV series that would have been far more successful in 2005 than now. Right now, Disney makes a ton of money selling ESPN as part of cable packages, and it doesn't want to accelerate the demise of cable by giving consumers a legitimate alternative.

Disney reported earnings after the bell Tuesday, revealing some details about the streaming services it announced past year. Now, on the television side, 10 episodes are expected to cost from $25 million to $35 million, but Disney seems open to more expensive series, which could be in the $100 million range for a 10 episode season. How this affects the current United Kingdom straming service, Disney Life, remains to be seen.

Other movie projects, the report indicates, are still in the early planning stages-but Disney appears to have already singled them out as must-haves for launch day. Anything r-rated will be moved over to Hulu once Disney owns a majority of Hulu. There are also some projects that are in post-production that are headed to that service. Their current plan, as the outlet notes, is to "leave the various Marvel series where they are", meaning that Netflix will retain its superhero show inventory that includes Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Defenders, Daredevil, The Punisher, and Iron Fist. The contractual situation there is likely too complex to extricate them. No word yet on if they'll jump from Hulu to the new family-friendly service.

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The report further reveals a day-one programming lineup that features a number of streaming-only shows and one-off movie projects-including, of course, the live-action Star Wars series first announced late in 2017.

More as we hear it.

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