Facebook reportedly testing out a "downvote" (not dislike) button

Facebook reportedly testing out a

Facebook reportedly testing out a "downvote" (not dislike) button

It seems that #Facebook insisted on mentioning that the #Button was not a 'downvote' button as some users were expecting. They have even shared proper Screenshots about this new DownVote feature as well. The way that they're looking at doing that for now is through a downvote button that people can click on if they consider that comment to be offensive or irrelevant to the discussion or maybe if they just don't like the comment.

Moving on, if you are not aware of, Facebook has announced last month that they will be improving their network as we all know that Facebook is messed up than any other bigger platform.

A Facebook spokesperson denied that they were testing out a dislike button.

In the past, there was a huge demand for a dislike button on Facebook, which was speculated to sit alongside the like button.

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It wasn't immediately clear which users will have access to the button during the tests, but is not the first time the social media giant tests a feature with a small sample of users.

"W$3 e are not testing a dislike button". The downvote button, for right now, only appears on public Page posts, not on Groups posts or those from individual users.

Other social sites such as Reddit have a "downvote" option that reduces the visibility of unpopular posts.

"One of the things we've heard people tell us over and over again is they want a "Dislike" button, because not everything is likeable content", Zhuo said at Fusion's Real Fortune Fair in 2015.

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How would the Facebook "donwvote" button actually work?

. The new feature can be found on any comment made on public page posts.

According to Facebook, the feature test will affect about 5% of Android users who have "English" set as the default language in the app.

Notably, Facebook isn't alone in the Web world to offer the downvote button. also has the identical option on its platform, and Redditors commonly use it to regulate comments in a specific thread.

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