'Systematic' attacks on hospitals, clinics as pro-government forces bomb Idlib

'Systematic' attacks on hospitals, clinics as pro-government forces bomb Idlib

'Systematic' attacks on hospitals, clinics as pro-government forces bomb Idlib

Decrying the attacks on civilians, Parly said: "These attacks are unacceptable in terms of violence and consequences to the people".

The UN humanitarian coordinator for Syria, Panos Moumtzis, had called for the ceasefire to allow aid convoys to reach civilians in Eastern Ghouta.

The official said no U.S. troops had been killed or wounded in the attack, which was carried out by about 500 fighters, but one Syrian fighter allied with the coalition was wounded.

The U.S. on Thursday backed up the United Nations' call for a month-long ceasefire in Syria and urged Russian Federation to use its sway with Damascus to ensure aid workers access to hard-hit rebel enclaves.

US officials said no Americans were injured or killed in the attack by the pro-regime forces.

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The new Israeli act of aggression was first reported by state media, which said the missiles had been aimed at a scientific research center in Jamraya village.

A Western intelligence agency told the BBC past year that three branches of the SSRC, including the one at Jamraya, were being used to produce chemical munitions in violation of a deal that saw Mr Assad agree to destroy his chemical arsenal after a deadly Sarin attack in Damascus in 2013.

Syrian regime jets have pounded Eastern Ghouta, sending the death toll from a four-day assault on the rebel enclave on the outskirts of Damascus soaring past 220.

Warplanes have bombed a number of towns in the region, causing buildings to collapse on residents.

World powers failed to back an appeal by United Nations officials for a month-long ceasefire to allow for desperately needed aid deliveries and medical evacuations.

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In the story, Myanmar said its "clearance operation" is a legitimate response to attacks by insurgents. There was no comment from the government following the publication of the report.

"What is happening in Eastern Ghouta is not simply a humanitarian crisis because aid is denied, these sieges involve the global crimes of indiscriminate bombardment and deliberate starvation of the civilian population", stated Mr. Pinheiro, Chairman of the Independent worldwide Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic.

The U.S. -backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), aided by coalition support, are battling Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants east of the Euphrates River.

Meanwhile, the US-led coalition in Syria and its allied forces, reportedly killed more than 100 pro-government fighters in eastern Syria. Among the deaths were 54 children and 41 women.

As Ruth reported on Wednesday, intensifying government attacks on civilians - including the bombings in eastern Ghouta, multiple attacks in Idlib and reported chlorine gas attacks - "have been interpreted partly as a response to the rebel downing of a Russian Su-25 plane Saturday near Saraqeb". In a statement, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said its fact-finding mission is "investigating all credible allegations" and reporting its findings to the organization's member states.

The UN Security Council on Thursday failed to back a UN appeal for a month-long humanitarian ceasefire in Syria.

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Eastern Ghouta and Idlib, a northern province where violence also flared this week, are both so-called de-escalation zones agreed a year ago in a bid to pave the way for an end to the conflict.

About 400,000 Syrians have been killed since the conflict erupted in 2011, according to the United Nations.

The punishing campaign by the Syrian government and its ally, Russia, has also battered the northwestern province of Idlib, the largest area under opposition control in Syria.

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