The unfortunate link between acne and depression

The unfortunate link between acne and depression

The unfortunate link between acne and depression

People with acne have a significantly higher risk of developing major depression, findings of a new study revealed. "Many studies have shown that having acne can lead to depression, anxiety, or both", the AAD said.

The study followed 134,427 patients with acne and 1,731,608 without, and the majority were aged under 19 at the starting of the study.

Acne is not the only skin condition linked to increased risk for depression. The risk for depression was strongest in the first five years after an acne diagnosis and especially high in the first year after the diagnosis-at a 63 percent increased risk of depression in sufferers versus non-acne sufferers.

The study also found that acne suffers were most likely to be female, younger, nonsmokers and of higher socioeconomic status but were less likely to use alcohol or be obese.

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Despite the results of the 15-year study, though, scientists have yet to establish a reason for the connection.

The researchers found that the probability of developing MDD was 18.5 and 12% among patients with acne and in the general population without acne over the 15-year follow-up period.

"It shows just how impactful our skin can be towards our overall mental health", Vallerand said.

The researchers used data from a major primary care database in the United Kingdom, collected between 1986 and 2012 (The Health Improvement Network - THIN), to investigate the link between the skin disease and mental health.

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Mayo Clinic defines acne as a skin condition that arises when the hair follicles trap oil and dead skin cells, resulting in whiteheads, blackheads or pimples.

Although the severity of acne is not assessed directly, she says the findings suggest a potential dose-response relationship.

Although there are available treatments for acne, it can be too stubborn in some cases as it refuses to disappear.

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