'Trump' And 'Kim Jong Un' Kicked-Out Of The Olympics

'Trump' And 'Kim Jong Un' Kicked-Out Of The Olympics

'Trump' And 'Kim Jong Un' Kicked-Out Of The Olympics

After years of frustration, billions of dollars and a nagging national debate about their worth, the opening ceremonies took place before a world watching the moment not only for its athletic significance and global spectacle, but for clues about what the peninsula's political future could hold.

Not long after, North and South Korean athletes entered Olympic Stadium together, waving flags showing a unified Korea - the long-time dream, in theory at least, of many Koreans both North and South.

Pence only stood for the USA team, according to the Associated Press, though others seated near Pence stood and applauded for the Korean delegation.

Arriving on her brother Kim Jong Un's white private jet for a three-day visit, Kim Yo Jong and the country's 90-year-old nominal head of state Kim Yong Nam are scheduled to meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on February 10 in a luncheon at Seoul's presidential palace. He was seated between Moon and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

But Pence has not let up on the tough rhetoric he's been delivering since arriving in Asia.

"The grievances that the world has about North Korea are very legitimate".

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The move was initiated since the USA is unhappy with Pakistan's approach to terrorists on home soil. Much of the opium, the main ingredient in heroin, is smuggled out of Afghanistan through Pakistan.

Seoul's Unification Ministry said Friday that the Mangyongbong-92 will return to the North on Saturday. "It's a time to focus on messages of reconciliation and peace".

Tensions between the two countries are high, but the unity amongst the athletes "offered hope for peace", according to the New York Times. Rumors are swirling that she could be carrying an offer for Moon to travel to North Korea.

Kim Yo Jong arrived earlier in the day on an unprecedented visit to the South by a member of the North's ruling Kim family.

Figure skater Yuna Kim, perhaps the most famous and beloved athlete in South Korea, lit the cauldron to end an Opening Ceremony that reflected the host country: modest, technically proficient and warm enough to take the edge off a bitter night. North Korea has jumped at the opportunity.

American officials attempted to paint a rosier picture of Friday's ceremony as showing solidarity among allies.

A high-level North Korean delegation including leader Kim Jong Un's sister has arrived at a train station in Pyeongchang hours ahead of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

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Yet the hostilities of a divided peninsula stood not just in the background, but on full display in the dignitaries' box, where U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence sat only a few metres from Ms. Kim - close enough to exchange greetings.

"He did have a brief exchange with president Kim", said United Nations spokesman Farhan Haq.

Emphasis on warmest because the Winter Olympics in South Korea this year are extremely cold- cold enough to break skis- and the 35,000-seat, open-air venue does not help shield athletes and spectators from the chill.

All this while a North Korean ship docked in a southern harbour used to transport and house their delegation is asking for enough fuel to make it back home, tight economic sanctions are preventing a fill-up.

"The fact that's become the narrative is due in part to things that he's said and his body language", Schoff said. They said Pence could have opted to sit with the USA delegation and avoided the box that included the North Koreans.

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