Dems see partisanship in GOP Pa. district map

Dems see partisanship in GOP Pa. district map

Dems see partisanship in GOP Pa. district map

Because of that, some in Republican circles have said they feel the maps would need to be gerrymandered to favor Democrats if the goal were to create a map that would result in a 50-50 split of the state's 18 U.S. House seats. The Chester County Democrat is now running in the Sixth District against Rep. Ryan Costello, but her home in Devon would be moved to the neighboring Seventh District, centered on Delaware County.

The GOP-drawn map passed in 2011 has been a political victor for Republicans, giving them a 13-5 advantage in three straight elections in a state with more registered Democrats than Republicans. Currently, the district snakes through five counties.

Drew Crompton, a senior Senate Republican aide involved in developing the map, said voter performance was not considered for any candidate. Pat Meehan, is not running again and there is no clear front-runner in the crowded Democratic primary there. Under a new map, that could change. Eventually, the case made it's way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

A spokesman for state House Democrats said their analysis of the GOP proposal indicates Republican President Donald Trump would have collected more votes in 13 of 18 districts, one more than he actually did win. His district - which Clinton narrowly won - would become more conservative, and his challenger would be moved out.

Here's what the new Pa. congressional map could look like

The 18th Congressional District seat has been vacant since Republican Tim Murphy resigned in October 2017. They succeeded, securing 13 of 18 seats in three straight elections in a state where registered Democratic voters outnumber Republicans and Democrats hold a large majority of statewide offices.

"I think the incumbents will probably have a great interest in preserving their lack of competiveness", Wolf said last month.

Attorneys for the Republican leaders argued in their court filing that "the world is not divided neatly into Democrats and Republicans, and Democrats and Republicans are not evenly geographically distributed across the Commonwealth following county and municipal lines".

But Democrats quickly attacked it as a "naked partisan gerrymander".

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The revised map is now in the hands of Governor Tom Wolf.

"Where you make the splits is where the art of the gerrymander lies", Wang said. The legislation would provide for an independent process for redistricting and drawing district lines. And no party affiliation or election outcome data should be used to draw the maps.

"And of course", he wrote in an email, "these are seasoned politicians who know their state very well!"

The Republican leaders said their map splits only 32 counties and municipalities, 62 fewer than the 2011 map.

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A better scenario would be for Gov. Tom Wolf or the court to signal to the Legislature that a map will not be approved unless it strictly conforms to the Pennsylvania Constitution's mandate of "compact and contiguous territory ... almost equal in population" and is drawn without unnecessarily carving up municipalities.

The Republican-controlled Assembly was ordered by the court to submit a redistricting plan by February 9, and it gave Wolf - a Democrat - until February 15 to approve the plan.

On Friday night, leaders of the Republican-controlled Legislature delivered to Wolf a proposal for him to consider forwarding to the court with his approval.

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