NBC apologies after analyst comment about Japan

NBC apologies after analyst comment about Japan

NBC apologies after analyst comment about Japan

Just two days after NBC analyst Joshua Cooper Ramo's incredibly questionable comments about the relationship between Japan and Korea during the parade of nations, it appears that his time as a Winter Olympics commentator is over.

Korea was under Japan's colonial rule from 1910 to 1945.

"But", Ramo continued, "every Korean will tell you that Japan as a cultural and technological and economic example has been so important to their own transformation".

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Photo Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan at a women's hockey game between Japan and Sweden at the 2018 Olympics. Koreans around the world criticised Ramo's remarks on social media and a petition soon circulated online.

NBC said it's "grateful" PyeongChang's organising committee accepted the network's apology. The statement specifically apologized to Koreans who had been "insulted" by Ramo's comments.

South Korean Olympic figure skating champion Yuna Kim, right, takes the torch from North Korea's Jong Su Hyon, left, and South Korea's Park Jong-ah during the opening ceremony.

In the wake of that apology, NBC has now decided that Ramo will no longer provide on-air analysis during the rest of their Olympics coverage.

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"Any reasonable person familiar with the history of Japanese imperialism, and the atrocities it committed before and during WWII, would find such statement deeply hurtful and outrageous", the petition read. They also criticized the accuracy of giving Japan credit for South Korea's resurgence. By Sunday, more than 8,000 people had signed it.

The controversy started when analyst Joshua Cooper Ramo, who was hired to bring historical context to NBC's coverage, noted how significant Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit was.

NBC has been broadcasting the Olympic Games since 1964 - and certainly, over the course of more than five decades, mistakes have been made. The network said that South Korea and its Olympic organizers have been "exceptional hosts in every way".

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