Openly gay teacher fired after posting wedding pictures on Facebook

Openly gay teacher fired after posting wedding pictures on Facebook

Openly gay teacher fired after posting wedding pictures on Facebook

Jocelyn Morffi, who works at Saint Peter and Paul Catholic School in Miami in the United States was told she was being let go because she "broke her contract".

"This weekend, I married the love of my life and, unfortunately, I was terminated from my job as a result", she said. "In their eyes, I'm not the right kind of Catholic for my choice of partner".

Though the school has not yet confirmed the reason for Morffi's dismissal, they did send out a letter to parents Thursday evening, regarding the firing.

Instead, about a dozen angry parents showed up at the school the next day, demanding an explanation and speaking to gathered news cameras.

"We were extremely livid", one parent told the Miami Herald.

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Almost a dozen parents with children who had been in Mrs Morffi's class fronted the school to protest the firing, many calling her a "great teacher", adding they were aware she was gay.

While she added that Morffi's sexual orientation wasn't common knowledge, Cini asserted that was irrelevant.

A popular first-grade teacher in Miami has been fired for posting pictures on social media of her marriage to her life partner, who is another woman, parents of students in her class said. The teaching contract apparently has a moral turpitude clause that was invoked. Agosta asserted that policy prohibits the discussion of personnel matters. "One has to understand that in any corporation, institution or organization there are policies and procedures and teachings and traditions that are adhered to. If something along the way does not continue to stay within that contract, then we have no other choice", Agosta said.

"As a teacher in a Catholic school their responsibility is partly for the spiritual growth of the children". Any conduct "inconsistent" with that could result in their termination, the memo said.

Likewise, Florida law does not address discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in employment. But a Miami-Dade County ordinance does exempt religious institutions from certain provisions.

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Tony Lima, executive director of the South Florida LGBT rights group SAVE, was outraged by Morffi's firing. Peter and Paul students.

Miami attorney Erica Canas told Local 10 News she represents Morfii and they are considering what legal steps to take next.

She was allegedly called into the principal's office and told that she had to resign, that afternoon. It says the decision to fire her was hard, but necessary.

The letter said employees who didn't obey could be punished, even terminated, for such activities "even if it occurs outside the normal working day and outside the strict confines of work performed by the employee for the Archdiocese". One parent even considered withdrawing her child from the school in light of recent developments, the Miami Herald reported.

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