Snowboarding - Kim dominant in halfpipe qualifying, Japanese disappoint

Snowboarding - Kim dominant in halfpipe qualifying, Japanese disappoint

Snowboarding - Kim dominant in halfpipe qualifying, Japanese disappoint

As such a young snowboarder, Kim's Olympic future is bright, even looking beyond PyeongChang. Just 17, she is the only X Games athlete to win three gold medals before the age of 16. And don't think that she hasn't been on White's radar.

Like most things on a snowboard, Chloe Kim and her father learned together.

"If I did the run that I did in Salt Lake (at the 2002 Olympics), I wouldn't even make the final today", Clark said. Her spunky attitude comes through on Instagram, where she often posts about food, especially candies and fast food. She added bronze medals at the 2010 and 2014 Games. She remains the only woman to successfully execute that combo.

Jong bought his daughter, 4 years old at the time, a snowboard on eBay and off she went.

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Growing up in Vermont, Clark charted her own course to the top of the Olympic podium. Her favorite flavor: vanilla Swiss almond. "I recorded the '98 Olympics on a VHS tape, if anybody has any idea what those are. It's because I want her to learn French".

Chloe Kim has been ready for the Winter Olympics for years - for four years, to be exact. It's the most overwhelming, incredible, emotional, proudest moment of my life.

Before Chloe was scheduled to compete in her first Olympics, Jong-jin said he texted her to become "a dragon". She was off snow for 10 months. A little bit of the nerves, a little bit of the wind got to them.

"But I'll be OK with mango sorbet", Kim said. "Honestly, I think I'll probably just be bawling my eyes the whole time". "For me that has been a core value in my snowboarding, and I love seeing that in her". I feel like a lot's changed. It was apparent she had potential, but they didn't want to push their daughter in what can be a unsafe sport. "I was like 'How did this happen?'" Now four others have, including their American teammates Arielle Gold and Maddie Mastro. The foundation has awarded more than $150,000 in grants and scholarships. But I'm also not an Olympian. "Snow sports are expensive, so we look for ways to break down some of those financial barriers".

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"It would be meaningful if I can get a gold medal in my parents' country", Kim told the press.

A few days ago Clark was asked if she had any advice for her teenage teammates? Her dad has made sure she's still involved in as many senior activities as possible, Jayne said, as she finds a balance between work and play. "I've always had to fend for myself". It should be part of your journey.

"But you don't need to treat it as something that should define your career or just a destination. Not the end of your journey".

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