Google introduces ad blocker to Chrome: here's how it will work

Google introduces ad blocker to Chrome: here's how it will work

Google introduces ad blocker to Chrome: here's how it will work

When at least one network request has been blocked, Chrome will show the user a message indicating that ad blocking has occurred, along with an option to disable this setting by selecting "allow ads on this site".

Starting Thursday, Chrome will block the following on desktop: ads that take over the browser, pop-up ads, autoplay videos with sound, and large sticky ads that take over the bottom of the screen and don't move.

Now Google Chrome will have a built-in ad blocker, which is all set to go live.

According to Google, the Better Ads Standards will evaluate how well websites comply with the standard, inform websites of any issues encountered and offer the opportunity for websites to address identified issues.

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Google is launching a built-in blocker in Chrome that is created to filter out ads it says repeatedly violate standards put out by the Coalition of Better Ads.

Exhausted of annoying online ads?

The most intrusive ad experiences include prestitial ads - full-page ads that block you from seeing the content on the page - and flashing animated ads. Also, unlike ad blocker extensions that are widely used, Chrome won't be blocking all ads.

"We've already seen more and more people express their discontent with annoying ads by installing ad-blockers, but blocking all ads can hurt sites or advertisers who aren't doing anything disruptive".

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Ads will get a "passing", "warning", or "failing" grade from Google depending on how frequently the violate the Better Ads Standards.

Instead it will stop certain types of particularly disruptive adverts and let normal ads through.

If it does, Chrome will cross-check the content on the page with data provided by the EasyList filter rules and its own AdSense and DoubleClick database to analyse whether anything correlates with ad-related URL patterns it holds.

Apart from taking down annoying ads, Google is also working to add paywalls to help publishers who don't want to rely on advertisements.

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While others said there is more chance of them visiting a Web site if it does not have these ads, Edmond Dant'es tweeted: "99% of the time [I] leave that Web site immediately when they auto-play something or give me a pop-up". To this, Chowdhury assures that user experience on the web is high-priority for the company than the money these ads may generate even for Google.

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