Transgender woman able to breastfeed, report claims

Transgender woman able to breastfeed, report claims

Transgender woman able to breastfeed, report claims

Over the years, trans women have used various do-it-yourself treatments to induce lactation, with mixed results and only anecdotal reports of success.

For little over three months before the child's birth, the woman was given a dose of hormone replacement therapy obtained from Canada. The mother was able to produce about 227g of milk a day, which is below average but enough to sustain a newborn.

For a variety of reasons, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies breast-feed exclusively for the first six months - unless there is a medical reason not to - and then continue breast-feeding while supplementing with solid foods for at least a year.

But there are fears drugs taken to induce lactation in a person born a man may be harmful to the child. The long-term effects, if there are any, remain unknown.

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The 30-year-old woman, who has not been identified, told doctors at Mt Sinai's Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery that her partner was pregnant but did not wish to breastfeed, and she hoped to try instead. She had not undergone gender reassignment surgeries, according to the case report published in the Transgender Health journal. Domperidone has been illegal in the US since 2004 when the US Food and Drug Administration issued a health warning on the drug. And because the effects of domperidone have never been tested on newborns, the FDA warns against its use as a means to induce breastmilk. The mother continues to breastfeed as a supplement to formula feeding. The duo is eager to conduct further research to find the "optimal treatment regimen", questioning if the illegal drug used by their patient was actually a necessary component in achieving lactation.

Her doctors started her on domperidone 10mg twice daily, which doubled after a month.

Still, the procedure could soon be an option for other transgender women, as well as mothers who adopt or have trouble breastfeeding, if it's proven to be safe and effective. And during that time, the baby's paediatrician reported that the child's growth, feeding and bowel habits were developmentally appropriate. After three months, she was producing eight ounces of milk a day.

Reisman said that at 6 months of age, the baby was "happy, healthy and very cute".

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The patient was also given a galactagogue and told to use a breast pump to increase prolactin, a hormone that helps with milk production.

She was given a breast pump which she used up to six times a day to get the milk flowing. Also, the study didn't look into the nutritional quality of the breastmilk produced, which would be good to know.

It's still early days for this treatment and there's clearly lots to learn and refine - but it's an encouraging development nonetheless.

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