What you should know about Chinese New Year

What you should know about Chinese New Year

What you should know about Chinese New Year

2018 is the year of the Dog which starts on February 16. Also known as Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, the fifteen-day event, which will end with the Lantern Festival on March 2, is the longest and most anticipated of all of China's festivals. The Chinese use animals to represent each year, which resemble Western constellations.

"Mysteries of China" is a film that tells the story of ancient China, its first emperor and the literal foundation of modern China.

A seller prepares decorations for the Chinese New Year at a shop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on February 14, 2018.

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The first of these events was a variety performance hosted by the Greater Memphis United Chinese Association in the Rose Theatre last Saturday.

Many of those trips are made by city dwellers heading home, but many also take the time to go elsewhere, with top destinations being Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. But did you know the Chinese New Year holidays are about to begin?

In northern China, dumplings, sometimes seasoned with sugar or with a coin inside, are the must-eat food on New Year's Eve, and traditional snacks include melon seeds, walnuts and peanuts. For further information on the Giant's Causeway Chinese New Year celebrations, visit the website https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/events/9aabe1b0-e129-4346-a304-8b9828f71bf3/pages/details or call 028 2073 1855. In 2018, it is the Year of the Dog.

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That means taking action, jumping on opportunities, and not pushing back what you can do today to tomorrow are just a couple of the tenants you should live by for this year... and every other year.

In Guangzhou, flower fairs are popular at New Year, and all over southern China, lantern displays are common. "For children, when the Chinese New Year comes, they want to get red envelopes, and for adults, they pray for good business and good health", Sekhamony said. To be more specific, "upside down" means "Dao" in Chinese, which means "coming", and "Fu Dao" means the good fortune is coming to the household.

Chhun Lang, a fruit seller at Chbar Ampov Market, said: "Sales are very good a few days leading up to the New Year festival, and sale volume increases several times on the occasion if compared to normal days".

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