H1Z1 Going Free to Play on Steam, "Appreciation Pack" Rewarded for Buyers

H1Z1 Going Free to Play on Steam,

H1Z1 Going Free to Play on Steam, "Appreciation Pack" Rewarded for Buyers

Fret not though-those dedicated to the cause of spending money on the game can now purchase Bronze, Silver, or Gold "Battle Royale Packs", which offer players up to $100 in unlockables and unique items. The first season starts April 21st with 15 teams (including well-known outfits like Cloud9 and Luminosity) competing in two splits of 10 weeks each, with the championship due in the fall. Daybreak even sought out Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene himself, the creator of the mode, to help make King of the Kill for H1Z1 before he eventually went on to make the self-titled PUBG with Korean developer Bluehole. H1PL and Facebook have also promised a "variety of community-focused features to augment the viewing experience, such as the curation and granting of free, redeemable in-game rewards" for fans that tune-in during H1PL streams throughout the week.

While some may see this as an attempt to stem the hemorrhaging of the player base, General Manager Anthony Castoro says that the decision "signifies the next step in making H1Z1 a must-watch esport." This follows the announcement that, in April, the H1PL will kick off in Las Vegas, following the franchise model used by Overwatch and League of Legends and including essential teams like C9, CLG, and TSM. Plus, Caesars Entertainment will be the official venue and entertainment partner.

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The studio has previously been used to the Gears Pro Circuit Las Vegas Open.

Daybreak Games and Twin Galaxies announced their joint venture to create the H1Z1 Pro League in October of past year.

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This is where the Snobby Shores treasure location is, so land here right away if you don't want to spend time seeking out the map. As for the cross-play support, Epic said you'll be able to join a squad and play together with friends on different platforms.

Established in a joint venture between Daybreak Game Company and Twin Galaxies LLC, 15 eSports teams have been confirmed to participate in the H1PL. The H1PL League Governance Committee will be responsible for defining, modifying, and enforcing all rules and regulations for the league. If you recall, H1Z1 was originally conceived as a free-to-play title, back when Daybreak was Sony Online Entertainment and back when H1Z1 was an Early Access multiplayer survival game.

"We are very excited to announce that H1Z1 will be free to play starting today", said Castoro in a statement. It'll be interesting to see how many come along with its location in Vegas, but with the teams they have involved and the structures in place it looks like they're committed and in it for the long haul.

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