Mario Tennis Aces details and release date leaked

Mario Tennis Aces details and release date leaked

Mario Tennis Aces details and release date leaked

The Nintendo Direct had Koopa Troopa in a silhouette so you know he's going to be one of the first to be released.

Resetera gave us the first details about the upcoming Mario Tennis game, which will apparently be released on June 22. What better way to shake off the summer doldrums than with a fun game of tennis? That's where the "Trick Shot" comes in handy, because not only does it allow you to jump over and hit a tennis ball that has escaped your reach, but performing a Trick Shot successfully will help fill up the Energy Gauge much faster.

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The roots of the Mario Tennis franchise can be traced back to 2000 on Nintendo 64. The zone shot is a powerful new move that can inflict damage upon your rival's racquet; three strikes, and your racquet breaks, forcing you to forfeit the match.

There's a rock, paper, scissors element to the game, so there's a lot of strategy to this game even though it seems like it should be pretty basic.

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To participate, players just have to download the pre-launch Online Tournament in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch. Instead, the simple rules force players to simply use lobs, slices and volleys.

According to Nintendo, Mario Tennis Aces will feature all sorts of Mushroom Kingdom characters which can be played in four-player local and online multiplayer. Along with it, Nintendo also confirmed the game would have a "swing mode", which is basically the closest you'll be able to get to Wii Tennis on the Switch.

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Screenshots have emerged for Mario Tennis Aces, ahead of the Nintendo Direct address tonight, indicating the game is out in June.

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