PUBG adds weapon skins, new guns, and two new maps in 2018

PUBG adds weapon skins, new guns, and two new maps in 2018

PUBG adds weapon skins, new guns, and two new maps in 2018

Tweaks like new building textures and game stability should create a more distinct world that's also less laggy, while the addition of emotes will be flawless for pissing off enemies.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds might have seen a player count drop in the past few months, but it remains one of the most popular games in the world - that, at least, isn't changing anytime soon. Another map, of the standard 8x8 km size, is also planned for later this year.

Image courtesy Daybreak Game Company
Image courtesy Daybreak Game Company

First up are two new maps, and you'll be able to get your hands on the first very soon.

Other new content includes weapons, weapon attachments, and game modes, and though we don't have specific announcements about what those will be there is a teaser image of one of the new guns. The plan is to "make them smoother and more reactive to the environment". Greene doesn't specify what types of modes beyond that they're "new and interesting", though he adds: "We're also planning to distribute access to a wider audience of players so that there are more custom games available to join at any given time". In-game achievements and a friends list, as well as squad voice chat, are each going to be added in 2018. PUBG Corp. also wants to test limb and vehicle bullet penetration, as well as overhauling the entire animation system for both third-and first-person. And server stability, connection speeds, and dealing with cheaters remains the studio's first priority in 2018.

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On the subject of esports, Greene says that much work is left to be done, but the 3D replay system is "key" to allowing organizations to provide better coverage of a competitive match. "Thanks to the incredible feedback coming from the player community and professional scene we believe we're moving in the right direction. We truly want to build a great foundation for Battle Royale esports, and while we have seen some great events already using our game, we have much work to do, especially with the observing side of things".

The PUBG team plans to further improve matchmaking for Duo and Squad modes, with the goal of supporting a fair and competitive environment. Many players have reported being banned for no good reason, with the algorithms behind the detection to blame.

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About a month and a half ago, PUBG Corp admitted it had no clear roadmap for the future of its game.

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