Black Panther 2, End Of MCU Phase 3 Discussed By Marvel Boss

Black Panther 2, End Of MCU Phase 3 Discussed By Marvel Boss

Black Panther 2, End Of MCU Phase 3 Discussed By Marvel Boss

Thanos will finally get the spotlight in Avengers: Infinity War, but fans will also get a sense of who he was before he wielded the gauntlet.

Josh Brolin, who plays the purple-skinned "Mad Titan" in the upcoming Marvel ensemble blockbuster, recently opened up about his villainous character to Entertainment Weekly, and he confirmed we'll get to see Thanos during his younger years on Titan. Marvel Studios has been building towards fully introducing the Mad Titan since the final frame of The Avengers, and the time is nearly here for them to show what he can do.

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"He's different from his family", Brolin said. They're all Titans and they all look similar, but he was born deformed.

But this time around, it seems there'll be no such luck - and the familiar faces who bite the dust won't ever be seen in the MCU again. He was a freak. And that lent to this apparent insanity.

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In Thanos' mind, his actions will bring order to everything: "You think of overpopulation and killing half the universe in order to save the other half and all this kind of stuff".

Now, Entertainment Weekly spoke with Brolin about his take on the character. He had this to say. Dating back to the Avengers post-credits scene where he first made his debut, prompting casual moviegoers across to globe to go, "Who's that purple guy?", the big bad has been seen pulling the strings throughout the Marvel universe. This super, super, super intelligence. There's this constant contrasting thing about this Neanderthalic lughead who's way more intelligent than anybody else in the movie, by far. But while Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige insists that the ending for some characters' stories in Avengers: Infinity War doesn't necessarily mean those heroes will die, he also delivers a warning. There's going to be a lot more than death and destruction, that's for sure. In just under 50 days we'll be witnessing an event 10 years in the making, the culmination of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe up to this point: Avengers: Infinity War.

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