Google Assistant Get's Is Most Significant Update Till Date

Google Assistant Get's Is Most Significant Update Till Date

Google Assistant Get's Is Most Significant Update Till Date

The subscriptions were one of the original features of Google Assistant when it was launched, however, the update brings more new things in this feature such as daily updates and push notifications.

Assistant will now also be able to show you information in a carousel like view within the Assistant panel. It may be the most important Assistant update yet. For example, you can be notified of a stock price change or news alert as it happens.

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The Google Assistant is available across all kinds of devices-from speakers to phones, TVs and more. New Actions on Google for developers mean new Assistant features for everyone. Additionally, users can now use voice commands to pause or replay media. For visual content, Assistant now has a browse carousel. Previously Google has maintained grammar and structure for commands, but under this new feature, Google will allow developers to specify any grammar and command to be executed by their device; this means commands like "set the oven to 180-degrees" or "put the washing machine on a delicate wash" can be added.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Actions on Google added 7 new languages and deeper integration with Android apps. The feature allows an action to be made aware if you paid for premium content in an app. a The concent can subsequently be made available for you.

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In a blog post, Group Product Manager, Brad Abrams & Product Manager Chris Ramsdale outlined new features coming to Assistant which includes Subscriptions, better Media Playback controls and the ability for OEMs to add custom commands to their devices.

Developers can take advantage of most of these features right now. For example, if a washer has a specific color cycle, you could activate that cycle simply by asking the Google Assistant. Now, Google's letting anyone with custom hardware build different commands that will make it easier to use their devices. I'm not quite thrilled at the prospect of speaking to my appliances, but that's the future, and that's how it's going to be.

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