Rubik's Cube World Record Smashed by MIT Reseachers Using Playstation Cameras

Rubik's Cube World Record Smashed by MIT Reseachers Using Playstation Cameras

Rubik's Cube World Record Smashed by MIT Reseachers Using Playstation Cameras

He added that one of the secrets to beating the previous robot's best time was using better motors. The bot uses six Kollmorgen ServoDisc U9-series motors in order to solve the Rubik's Cube at unheard-of speeds.

Readers of a certain age will, at some point in their lives, have become so frustrated trying to solve the classic 80s Rubik's Cube puzzle that they've flung it against a wall.

The pair largely attributes the impressive time to using better motors.

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In that 0.38 seconds the robot performed 20 individual moves, as Rubik's cubes do not allow two sides to move at the same time.

While speed is important to setting records when it comes to solving a Rubik's Cube, equally necessary is the intelligence and capability to recognize the patterns and quickly arrive at a solution.

Mr. Beer is considered to have made a world record by creating a robot that finished the Rubik's puzzle in 0.637 seconds. The creator also noted that several cubes were broken during their tuning process. "But the tuning process is really time consuming since the debugging needs to be done with the high-speed camera, and the mistakes often break the cube".

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Every movement of the robot takes just 15 milliseconds. In October 2017, Korean wunderkind SeungBeom Cho set a new world record of an incredible 4.59 seconds.

The complexity of the scrambled cube had to meet the standards of the World Cube Association. "The machine can definitely go faster", Katz said. That honour now appears to be in jeopardy, however, as a pair of engineers have demonstrated a new robot that can solve a Rubik's Cube in nearly half that time: A mere 0.38 seconds.

A special "speed cube" had to be used to reduce friction between the moving parts and keep the time to a minimum.

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Korean SeungBeom Cho smashed his previous personal best of 6.54 seconds.

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