Trump addresses link between violent video games, crime

Trump addresses link between violent video games, crime

Trump addresses link between violent video games, crime

"Our kids are inundated with a culture of violence, in part because of Hollywood's penchant for marketing violent films, TV shows and violent video games to kids", Winter said. Lt Col Dave Grossman, author of "Assassination Generation: Video Games, Aggression, and the Psychology of Killing" was there along with Melissa Henson, a mother from the Parents Television Council. It is the first time the White House has admitted the President was involved in any way with Daniels.

During the meeting-which was closed to the press-some tried to persuade the president to consider regulations on video games aimed at making it harder for children to purchase them, according to the Washington Post. Noah pointed out how weird it is that video games are only credited with influencing youths in this one specific way. Currently, the industry employs its own system, which rates games for violence and sexual content. No psychologists, researchers, or scholars qualified to make that assessment were in attendance at the meeting.

"Top officials at the White House and Pentagon seemed to be taken by surprise", MSNBC's Kristin Welker asked. Video games are plainly not the issue: "entertainment is distributed and consumed globally, but the U.S. has an exponentially higher level of gun violence than any other nation".

U.S. president Donald Trump met on Thursday with the makers of popular video games "Grand Theft Auto" and "Doom" to discuss what the president believes is a link between video games and violent acts like last month's school shooting in Florida.

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Please note that "The President acknowledged some studies have indicated there is a correlation between video game violence and real violence", which only a handful of very dubious studies have concluded, the majority have clearly stated that there is not link and he did not acknowledge that.

President Donald Trump met with video game industry leaders on Thursday to talk about the connection between violence and video games.

The video includes scenes from franchises such as Call Of Duty, Sniper Elite, Fallout, Wolfenstein, and Dead By Daylight. There was also an option for players to skip it.

"We welcomed the opportunity today to meet with the president and other elected officials at the White House", The ESA said in a statement.

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"The short answer is, we don't know the specifics yet", said Orr, who was assistant USA trade representative in President George H.W. Bush's administration.

From the sounds of things, this isn't the last we'll hear of the White House and anti-game proponents taking up a flag against our hobby. "As we have seen in past cases of increased tariffs, higher manufacturing costs will inevitably be passed down the supply chain, forcing consumers to bear these costs".

But while the First Amendment should make it impossible for the United States government to officially censor games they are already subject to de facto censorship, as any game with an Adult Only (AO) rating can not be published on consoles and most retail chains refuse to stock them.

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