Lawmakers backpedal on pension bill, send it back to committee

Lawmakers backpedal on pension bill, send it back to committee

Lawmakers backpedal on pension bill, send it back to committee

The current version of the bill would move future teachers out of defined benefit pensions -which guarantee benefits from retirement until death - and into "hybrid" cash balance retirement plans. Senate Bill 626 proposes a number of changes generally related to coal mining, including leaving safety plans to the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration, instead of to state regulators.

Jones praised teachers for putting pressure on lawmakers. But Thursday was the first organized protest at public schools in front of parents and students.

As a pension reform bill makes its way through the legislative process in Frankfort, fired up teachers across Kentucky aren't going to sit around and wait to see what happens. "He's not listening to anything on Facebook". That was before public workers, especially teachers, descended on the Capitol. "He's just not listening, so we need to make him listen".

Some teachers said they feel as if the rug has been pulled from under them. Teacher pay hasn't been raised by that state's legislature since 2008.

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Daniels retired four years ago after teaching for 28 years. And would I support it?

"I don't know what they've done in the budget", he said.

Sherry Johnson, who was forced to marry her rapist when she was 11, talks with reporters after the Florida Senate passed a bill she inspired that would ban child marriage in Tallahassee, Fla. "But I'm still going to save the pension whether they like it or not", said Bevin. Joe Bowen for working with countless stakeholders to put Kentucky's pension systems on a sustainable path while still honoring the commonwealth's promises to public employees and retirees.

The state Department of Finance and Administration projected that a proposal allowing Arkansans to use funds from their 529 college savings plans for K-12 expenses would cost the state up to $5.2 million a year.

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A consulting firm hired by the state says the changes would save taxpayers roughly $3.2 billion over the next 20 years.

West Virginia's House and Senate have unanimously approved a budget for the state government with $4.38 billion in general revenues for the fiscal year starting July 1, including raises for teachers, prison guards and many other state workers.

On Wednesday, Bevin said anyone opposing pension changes is "either ill-informed or willfully blind". It would also slice the annual cost of living adjustments.

"One of the things that we've learned is that there are issues in workplaces across the state and ours was no different", Benacquisto said. "And the idea that people in retirement would rather get every cent they can get now with no guarantee the checks will keep coming for them or those still working is, frankly, selfish". In Missouri, lawmakers have considered a similar measure. "So I think that had a lot to do with today", said Jessica Hiler, president of the Fayette County Education Association.

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Trump also used the speech to double down on executing drug dealers, a solution he said has worked in China and Singapore . These people are killing our kids and they're killing our families, and we have to do something".

What hasn't been decided is exactly where education stands.

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