How American Idol Found the Perfect "Recipe" of Judges

How American Idol Found the Perfect

How American Idol Found the Perfect "Recipe" of Judges

In the days leading up to the premiere of ABC's "American Idol" relaunch, the network issued a teaser clip that featured judge Katy Perry and a young contestant bonding over the slang term "wig" (as in, this event made my wig fly off).

On Sunday, American Idol is officially an ABC show - so we're telling you how to watch American Idol online and watch American Idol live this weekend to catch the first episode of the new season on its new network. Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan seem more concerned with protecting singers from the music industry than in feeding singers to it, and that is refreshing.

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American Idol returns to airwaves on Sunday, March 11 at its new home on ABC. Prior to the original show going off the air, Perry was a guest judge on the show and was direct, to say the least, with the contestants. The big question was, how do we make people care about "Idol" again, and tell the last viewers to remember the feelings that they had about this show and tell them that it's possible to have those again? There's not much to complain about with the new American Idol, nor really to praise. "People know you. They perceive it as instantaneous success, although it's not really exactly success, and they think you've taken the easy way". News. Disney/ABC, which purchased the rights to American Idol in 2016, is rebooting the series after its Fox finale two years ago, with Seacrest returning to hosting duties. And then there's Ryan Seacrest. So even though some of the singers might win you over with their personal style or charm, they're not all going to make it to the meat of the competition. "You grow up watching the show and you feel, oh man that would be so cool if I could be on that show". (What can I say, dawg?) At first, I didn't even mind Simon's brutal criticism. It's a reference that Luke Bryan says he doesn't understand, but the contestant knows, and is emotionally affected by it. The show hasn't indulged in Simon Cowell-level viciousness in ages, and won't likely go back anytime soon, but there's plenty of room for the clinical vivisections perfected by Harry Connick Jr. or even the weird rantings of Steven Tyler.

Yet talent salaries in the final seasons had ballooned to $45 million (Jennifer Lopez was pulling down $20 million; Seacrest, Idol's sole constant, was making $15 million).

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The "Most People are Good" singer also believes the new incarnation of Idol represents a good cross-section of the American people.

What she's saying there, I think, is: "I'm aware of how your personality is built for a touchy-feely reality show montage, but at some point you'll have to actually prove you can get onstage and wow us". We don't need any more bullying, anywhere.

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