Microsoft To Bring AMD FreeSync And FreeSync 2 To Xbox Consoles

Microsoft To Bring AMD FreeSync And FreeSync 2 To Xbox Consoles

Microsoft To Bring AMD FreeSync And FreeSync 2 To Xbox Consoles

The most notable is support for the variable fehresh rate on FreeSync displays, which will be available on the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. For those with such displays, their refresh rates will synchronize with the Xbox One, allowing for a smoother viewing experience with no screen tearing or stuttering.

Microsoft is taking another step towards maximum compatibility for its Xbox consoles.

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Another key feature coming to the Xbox One in the next update is support for Auto Low Latency Mode in compatible TVs, including certain models by Samsung. While the game console will soon be getting 1440p support with the spring update - now live for testers - also on the way are support for AMD Freesync-compatible monitors and the ability for TVs to automatically switch to low latency mode. There are 4K FreeSync monitors, ultrawide FreeSync monitors, 1440p FreeSync monitors, 1080p FreeSync monitors.

With FreeSync, the two newer versions of the Xbox One should allow for smoother gameplay, which can be hard to achieve on consoles with their limited performance as games become more demanding.

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For those who may remember, the addition of AMD's FreeSync technology was actually talked about by Microsoft around the time the Xbox One X was launched; so it's good to see the company fulfilling its promise. While I do try to keep to just PC news, I think one of the upcoming Xbox One S and Xbox One X features would be worth sharing. If anyone happens to use Mixer for game streaming, they'll be able to let viewers take control of the game remotely using a virtual or physical controller.

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