WWE Issues Statement on Jeff Hardy's Arrest

WWE Issues Statement on Jeff Hardy's Arrest

WWE Issues Statement on Jeff Hardy's Arrest

Hardy has been out of action since September 2017 after undergoing surgery to fix torn ligaments in his shoulder.

News broke overnight that WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy was arrested on Saturday, March 10 in Concord, North Carolina, for DWI, or driving while impaired - which, while sounding like DUI, or driving under the influence, isn't exactly the same thing. However, we do know that Hardy did $8,000 in damages to his Cadillac CTS-V and rack up an additional $5,000 for damaging almost 105 feet of guardrail.

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According to Carrabus County Court records, Hardy is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, April 16; eight days after WrestleMania.

More details regarding the arrest came from CBS Sports and revealed that Hardy was driving northbound on Concord Parkway when he allegedly ran off the runway and struck a guardrail before the auto spun and stopped in the middle of the right northbound lane.

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As a result of this, Hardy has been struck by a mandatory 30-day pre-trial annulment of his driving licence, during which he can not legally drive. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 days in jail and a fine of $100,000 (£72,149). It is unknown whether Jeff, who previously had a role in the Broken Universe but has not undergone a transformation in WWE due to being off television, played a part in that match. "We are investigating the matter and awaiting information from local law enforcement officials".

More details may come out from Hardy's arrest and whether it will affect his standing in the company remains to be seen.

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