Don't believe the hype about the coming solar storm

Don't believe the hype about the coming solar storm

Don't believe the hype about the coming solar storm

Northern Lights can be an effect of a geomagnetic solar storm.

A HUGE solar storm is due to hit Earth tomorrow which could knockout power supplies and spark impressive auroras.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) here in the United States, a geomagnetic storm is a "major disturbance of Earth's magnetosphere that occurs when there is a very efficient exchange of energy from the solar wind into the space environment surrounding Earth".

In fact, NOAA admits that a geomagnetic storm will hit the Earth on March 18th but this one will not even reach the G1 magnitude, therefore, it can't affect the satellites, the Global Positioning System equipment, or other communication means, as the Russians informed.

NOAA says the incoming solar storm is expected to be a G-1 "minor" storm.

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Solar storms often occur when the Sun belches out a flare and a coronal mass ejection (CME).

The storm, known as a "G1" geomagnetic storm, is actually the most minor of these types of solar storms, and it likely won't create any of the serious issues mentioned in many news articles published over the course of the past couple days.

Usually, geomagnetic storms are cataloged in 5 different main levels depending on the magnitude, from G1 to G5 levels of geomagnetic storms' magnitudes.

The dancing lights of the aurora may become visible in parts of Scotland and northern England and in northern regions of the USA, including in MI and Maine. If the charged particles have a stronger effect on Earth, it could be considered a G-2 "moderate storm".

One major solar storm, now called the Carrington Event, struck the planet in 1859 and reportedly knocked out telegraph systems all around the world.

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At their most extreme, geomagnetic storms have been known to cripple satellites and cause massive blackouts.

For those who are unconvinced or fear the upcoming geomagnetic storm on March 18, they can stay prepared for any emergency similar to how they would prepare for any natural calamity.

In March 1989, a powerful geomagnetic storm set off a blackout in Canada that left six million people without electricity for nine hours.

"Closer to Earth's surface, solar activity can cause disruptions of radio signals (particularly HF), provide a small dose of radiation to passengers on high-latitude flights, and provoke auroras (northern and southern lights)".

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