Lancaster holds steady in top ranks of annual county health ranking

Lancaster holds steady in top ranks of annual county health ranking

Lancaster holds steady in top ranks of annual county health ranking

Each county was measure by health outcomes, length of life, quality of life, health factors and behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors and physical environment.

Local Tennessee counties fared much better than Southwest Virginia.

While Muskegon County ranks 75 out of 83 for overall health, there is some good news - 72 percent of women are getting their annual mammography screening.

Milwaukee County's neighboring counties are among the state's healthiest, according to the report. Livingston County ranked 54th. For example, after almost a decade of improvement, we are seeing more babies born at low birthweight (8.2% in 2016, a 2% increase from 2014)-low birthweight is a key indicator of quality of life for mothers and babies.

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Orange County improved from being ranked 23rd in health outcomes and 24th in health factors a year ago to 21st in health outcomes and 17th in health factors. "For example, while it's 11 percent overall, it's 53 percent of black children live in poverty".

"The County Health Rankings underscore the need to make children's health a priority and invest in what we know works", said Karen Ordinans, executive director of the Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin. Teen birth rates have been declining across community types and racial groups for more than a decade, with most recent data showing a United States rate of 27 per 1,000 females, ages 15-19. The order changes when it comes to health factors: Collin, No. 1, Rockwall, No. 2 and Denton, No. 6.

Blue Earth County's STD rates are an outlier in the region, but numerous other poor health metrics are shared by neighbors.

In Georgia, 23 percent of children live in poverty, compared with 20 percent nationally.

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Believe it or not, your zip code can be a good indicator of your health.

Petersburg is the least healthy place to live in Virginia. This year the rankings took a detailed look into race and ethnicity, and childhood poverty as it relates to health equity and health outcomes. A new report compares the well-being of almost every county in the US. "I applaud those who are working to create healthy, connected communities and improve health opportunities for all people in Virginia".

Forsyth County is ranked as Georgia's healthiest county for the sixth straight year.

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