Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Arrives With More Power, Better Networking

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Arrives With More Power, Better Networking

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Arrives With More Power, Better Networking

Eben Upton, CEO of Raspberry Pi Trading said: "When we launched the Raspberry Pi 3 two years ago, we expected to see an increase in its use as an embedded product, especially in IoT related projects". Today, many enthusiasts put a heat sink on their Raspberry Pis. However, the little board that started it all just got another update, and it is all about speed.

We're not quite ready for a Raspberry Pi 4 generation, but this year's Pi Day brings us a new version of the popular Pi 3, the "Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+". Above 70°C, we drop to 1.2GHz, and use the improvements to decrease the core voltage, increasing the period of time before we reach our 80°C thermal throttle; the reduction in power consumption is such that many use cases will never reach the throttle.

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Many a computer device user will have a thirst for "moar power" and the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ delivers this on the computational front by installing a faster Broadcom BCM2837B0 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU. Lab tests show nearly a 25 percent performance improvement for 2.4 GHz bandwidth over the Model B. Bluetooth has also been updated to version 4.2 in place of 4.0. Together, it allows the B+ to provide improved 2.4GHz band performance, but also "far better performance" when using the 5GHz band. The new variant comes two years after the Pi 3 Model B, following the foundation's two-year B+ "evolution" upgrade. The B achieves throughput of 95.5Mb/s, but the B+ pushes that up to 315Mb/s. For me, the only tests that failed to show off the board's capabilities measured wired and wireless connectivity-with the B+ not really distinguishing itself from the Raspberry Pi 3 despite its superior specs.

The Pi Foundation will continue to sell the previous Pi 3 model, the Model B, for $35 as well because certain industrial customers still require it. As of now, the foundation has revealed no plans to discount or end production of the older models.

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The B+ is already available to buy, with online retailers worldwide starting to receive stock.

All of you who are interested in getting your hands on one of these devices can do so on this link.

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