'This Is Us' Season 2 Finale Spoilers - Flash Forwards Explained

'This Is Us' Season 2 Finale Spoilers - Flash Forwards Explained

'This Is Us' Season 2 Finale Spoilers - Flash Forwards Explained

(Think Izzy seeing Denny on Grey's Anatomy before her cancer diagnosis.) Remember that a couple episodes ago they revealed that Rebecca has had a cancer scare in the past, and that might have been leading up to this moment. "It's all open right now, so you might as well take a few months off not to worry and save your worry for season three".

She added, "We will be visiting it definitely semi-regularly throughout the season, so [other characters] may appear". Seated next to him isn't his childhood flame, Sophie, or Olivia, or Sloane, but Beth's younger cousin, Zoe, whom he connected with at Kate and Toby's reception - over his wedding toast of all things. It's those kinds of moments that make This Is Us worth watching-and it's those story beats I wish this series trusted to carry the show. "We have some big plans in how we play with time, but Mandy has such a classic face and look that strangely it allows for aging in a really interesting way because she would always remain classically handsome in a way that's not typical or normal". This should promise a lighter and brighter future for her, as she fully commits herself to the new love of her life, the man her father said would be better than him. Of course, Toby defends Kate and tells them they can stay or go, but either way he's marrying Kate.

The season finale of the hit NBC show featured Kate Pearson [Chrissy Metz] and Toby Damon [Chris Sullivan] getting hitched. Kate, too, understood the depth to her responses to Rebecca's words and actions.

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While Kate goes missing, Kevin and Randall go searching for her. If I'm playing the "what if" game that Randall plays where he envisions the worst-case scenarios, then Deja walking a dark path that leads her behind bars would be just that. They say some pretty out-there things and then hone in on their feelings about Kate. Because this is probably not a one-off (nothing on this show is) and because the series devoted an entire episode to Deja (Lyric Ross), some clever fans are wondering if the table is being set for a new "Big Three" with Tess, her sister Annie (Faithe Herman) and Deja. "It sort of makes you wistful for what could have been", she explained.

As Randall made his own unconventional wedding toast about the inability to control the future, he noted that no one at the wedding knew where they would be a year from now. Now that we've seen them a second time, I have a theory about who it is they're going to meet. She tells him she's not ready, and he says he's not ready either. She even took a baseball bat to Randall's Lexus to show how much she disapproved of being considered part of their ideal family.

Series creator Dan Fogelman has played with time on the show from the get-go, but the foreshadowing regarding the future has nearly felt like a "Lost"-like wrinkle, bringing additional dimension to the characters and what's happening in the present".

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Season 2 of This Is Us was full of highs and lows. Are you surprised that Kate is able to "let go" of Jack and make room for Toby? And now I'm going to be obsessively thinking about that until the show returns for season 3 in the fall. In the wake of that closing scene on Tuesday night we absolutely do have many questions as to precisely what is going to be coming up next.

We never even fully realized it, but Kate has been living in Rebecca's shadow in even more ways that we realized. Perhaps she's in prison and that's what makes it hard for Randall and Tess to see her.

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