Nicolas Cage Is Finally Living His Dream Of Playing Superman

Nicolas Cage Is Finally Living His Dream Of Playing Superman

Nicolas Cage Is Finally Living His Dream Of Playing Superman

That's right, Nicolas Cage has finally fulfilled his dream of playing Clark Kent and his heroic alter-ego.

Meanwhile, Superman is an ironic role for Cage to take on, because he was originally slated to play the superhero in Tim Burton's scrapped 1998 Superman Lives film.

Now it's announced Nicolas Cage will voice Superman in the upcoming Teen Titans Go! This will be the first time we hear Superman or any other big DC superhero in the TTG universe; though they have made many cameos on the show, they've never spoken.

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Cage won't be the only celebrity voice actor for the Teen Titans GO! movie, either. If not Superman, we wouldn't say no to Cage as the new Lex Luthor.

Having moved through pre-production with a script and casting all wrapped up, the film was cancelled just before shooting started - leaving Nicholas and his infamous Superman skinsuit on the comic book crossover trash heap. That said, he's clearly always had an affection for the character, once owning a $2.1 million copy of the Superman debut Action Comics #1, and going so far as to name his son Kal-El after the Kryptonian's birth name.

Cage is a big-time Superman fan.

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Based on the Cartoon Network's series, the film will focus on Batman sidekick Robin (Scott Menville), alien warrior Starfire (Hynden Walch), half-demon Raven (Tara Strong), human/android hybrid Cyborg (Khary Payton) and shapeshifter Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) as they seek out a popular Hollywood director (Kristen Bell) for their big pop-culture break. Speaking to USA Today, the film's executive producer Sam Register described the "great responsibility" the team felt when filling out their cameo cast.

Fast-forward to 2018, and it looks like Cage has been gifted a second chance to play the iconic DC superhero. Pictures, a Warner Bros.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies trailer Teen Titans Go!

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