You can play Sea of Thieves right now anywhere in the world

You can play Sea of Thieves right now anywhere in the world

You can play Sea of Thieves right now anywhere in the world

"Dear Rare, don't miss the opportunity to release a "Day One Patch" eye-patch with the games Day One Patch", user Jefabell wrote in a post on the Sea of Thieves subreddit in late February.

Games play best on Xbox One and there's no better place to forge your adventurous pirate voyage than on a new Xbox One X console for the launch of Sea of Thieves! The promotion will be available in most Xbox One markets starting March 18 through March 24, but start and end dates will vary by market, so you'll want to check with your local retailer for more information.

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Found on reddit by way of early access to the New Zealand version of the game, Rare is bringing in some of their old goofball tricks in to turn that concept on its head - with a literal "day one [eye] patch" item in Sea of Thieves. Firstly, Rocket League has already been offered free on the Microsoft store in one way or another, as back in February 2017 Rocket League and National Basketball Association 2K17 were offered free from the 16th -19th in a special promotion.

We should also remember that Sea of Thieves will be added to the Xbox Game Pass since its launch. The powerful console will still have a price tag of $500.

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Changing your Xbox One's or PC's region to either of the two countries will allow you to play now rather than wait for your region's official go time.

For more information on Xbox One, visit or Microsoft Store, near you or online.

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Earlier on Sunday, the polling stations opened in Moscow and across central Russian Federation for the presidential elections. Commission chief Ella Pamfilova said: "We are immediately reacting to all claims, no matter where they come from".

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