Woman Dabs As President Trump Signs Sex Trafficking Bill

Woman Dabs As President Trump Signs Sex Trafficking Bill

Woman Dabs As President Trump Signs Sex Trafficking Bill

The law makes it easier for state attorney-generals and sex-trafficking victims to file lawsuits against social media networks, advertisers and others that host exploitative material on their platforms. It says, "Websites that promote and facilitate prostitution have been reckless in allowing the sale of sex trafficking victims and have done nothing to prevent the trafficking of children and victims of force, fraud, and coercion". "The enactment of this bill into law is an important step forward as Sen".

"We are so excited and this is landmark legislation that is truly going to save lives, and it already is", Wagner said.

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With FOSTA signed into law, website owners can no longer claim that they are unaware that human trafficking advertisements are appearing on their website or that they cannot prevent them from appearing. "Hopefully there won't be any more people who have to endure that pain".

"This bill closes the loophole that allowed bad actor websites to not only knowingly facilitate prostitution and sex trafficking, but also to profit from the ads selling women and children against their will", said Nance.

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HR 1865 "Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017" is created to combat online sex trafficking by weakening a legal shield for online services that support abusive content.

Amends the federal criminal code to define a phrase related to the prohibition on sex trafficking. This bill defines "participation in a venture" to mean knowingly assisting, supporting, or facilitating a sex trafficking violation. Its founders, Michael Lacey and James Larkin, are accused in an indictment unsealed Monday of publishing ads that depicted children who authorities said were sex trafficking victims.

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· Enable state law enforcement officials, not just the federal Department of Justice, to take action against individuals or businesses that violate federal sex trafficking laws. The Michigan Human Trafficking Commission has recommended and promoted legislation that has been signed into law to protect victims of human trafficking.

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