Mark Zuckerberg takes heat over illegal opioid sales on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg takes heat over illegal opioid sales on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg takes heat over illegal opioid sales on Facebook

They are mostly just trying to understand how Facebook allowed this data breach to happen and are trying to determine whether there is a risk of it happening again. It's not that they are so old and out of touch with technology. And although Facebook doesn't know the name of this user, it does collect enough information on him or her to ensure that there is targeted advertisement for this user. Facebook officials posted on social media that drug sales now "are strictly prohibited on Facebook".

Congressman Lujan pointed out that if non-users wanted to know what data was collected about them, they get directed to another page and are asked to sign up.

And that's how Zuckerberg described it a few times in his two days of testimony.

New Mexico representative Ben Lujan asked for Zuckerberg to elaborate on the practice, questioning how many data points Facebook collects on those that haven't even joined the platform.

Facebook has regularly been accused of listening in on conversations using microphones on smartphones and then presenting ads related to recent conversations to its users. This is correct, in a pedantic way, as Matsui affirmed.

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When asked if there was overlap between Cambridge Analytica's harvested user data and the political propaganda pushed by the Kremlin-linked Internet Research Agency during the 2016 presidential election, Mr Zuckerberg said a connection is entirely possible.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive of Facebook confessed that the social media has an access to all your personal data including your call and message history. "So, even if Facebook doesn't earn money from selling data, doesn't Facebook earn money from advertising based on that data?"

Criticism about how Facebook handled smartphone device data followed, with concerns that its mobile apps had a disturbing eagerness to upload all of a user's contacts - not to mention tapping into their messaging - to the cloud.

"Yes, congresswoman, we run ads", Zuckerberg said.

He said that by the end of the year Facebook would have 20,000 people working on security and content review and would also step up use of artificial intelligence to weed out fake accounts and inappropriate content.

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In his opening statement committee chair Greg Walden quoted the company's early motto to "move fast and break things", asking whether the company had "moved too fast and broken too many things".

Zuckerberg doesn't always want to talk about that business model. Zuckerberg asked. "I'm not familiar with those pieces of content", he added.

Rep. Dave Loebsack (D-Iowa) eventually got an answer out of Zuckerberg.

There, Facebook states clearly that it tracks users and non-users on every site that features a Facebook "Like" or "Share" button (including the article you're reading right now). The main man himself also revealed that he wasn't immune to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, as his data was vacuumed like everyone else. "That's the core thing".

On a question if Facebook has a political bias, he said the platform's goal was not to engage in political speech. And, what, are they going to let sleep win?

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