A new version of Gmail is in the offing

A new version of Gmail is in the offing

A new version of Gmail is in the offing

Google revealed yesterday that it's planning to launch a new Gmail design in the coming weeks. Adding to the confidentiality features of the new Gmail design is a way to ensure that your recipient confirms their identity using a passcode sent via text message. Another feature to look forward to is smart replies which found its way to Google's Inbox and Allow last summer.

Though not much details have been forthcoming from the company, observers link this move to the new design already unveiled in the Google Calendar app that saw new bright colors and modern icons and so on. The default setup will showcase things like photos, documents, and other items that are attached to message, a comfortable option will remove these attachment highlights, and compact mode will show more emails on your screen at once. The new design is now being tested inside Google and with trusted partners.


"Weak data connectivity‚ high data costs and low RAM or storage space often make it hard for people to get the most out of the internet - Google Go is built to handle these challenges‚" the company said in a statement. The first of these new features is "Confidential Mode", a tool that will allow users to prevent email recipients from forwarding, copying or downloading specific emails.

Gmail Go is available now and joins other Google Go apps like YouTube, Files and Chrome Go. Google has meanwhile kept mum about the new features, requesting for a bit more time to compose themselves before they share anything. Now, when someone emails asking if you're free for a meeting on a certain day, you don't need to open a new tab to check your calendar. Since then, Google has confirmed to TNW a redesign is on the way. While it's possible the final design may end up looking quite different, it does match a description of the new design provided to TechCrunch today.

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The expiring emails feature works similarly to the expiring emails feature in ProtonMail as the email becomes unreadable after some time. We've been hearing about a Gmail redesign since past year.

With all these added security functions, users can also configure the expiration date of an email so that it will disappear after a week, month or even after a few years.

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