As Oklahoma teachers end strike, Arizona governor offers raise to avert one

As Oklahoma teachers end strike, Arizona governor offers raise to avert one

As Oklahoma teachers end strike, Arizona governor offers raise to avert one

The call for such a massive pay increase comes amid a national debate about teacher pay, particularly in Republican-led states.

"I've been listening and I've been impressed", the governor said.

Teachers who organized a grassroots effort that drew almost 45,000 members were cool to the announcement, saying they wanted details before reacting and lacked trust in the governor.

"We put out there a way to make sure that money that we have that we want to allocate in the coming years specifically goes to teachers", Mesnard said.

Tucson teacher Derek Harris said Thursday evening that Ducey's plan to boost pay by 9 percent this year and 20 percent by 2020 is just a plan.

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Last week, Arizona Educators United said they were willing to set a date for a statewide strike, but hadn't picked one as of Friday. "There's a lot more to do, but it's a good-faith gesture that we think is something to continue working together on".

Arizona Educators United says the "walk-ins" were held at 1,112 schools in 130 districts across the state.

Earlier this week, Ducey said he was sticking with a 1 percent raise, dismissed the protests as "political theater" and refused to meet with the group.

She said the governor is meeting the grassroots activists halfway. Harris says at this point, "there's not really anything to trust".

Kathy Hoover, a Kofa High School teacher for 13 years, said many teachers question the source of the funding.

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Teachers wearing red shirts and holding signs are gathering outside Arizona schools to show solidarity in their demand for higher salaries.

Democratic Rep. Rebecca Rios mentioned that she was astounded at exactly what a jeopardized teacher hit in a election year can secure that the Republicans to do. Average salaries past year were actually $8,000-$9,000 less than 1990 salaries when adjusted for inflation.

The average American teacher made $58,950 during the 2016-17 school year, a 1.6 percent decrease from a decade and a half previous, when they made $59,944 when adjusted for inflation.

By Thursday, Republican Doug Ducey was able to scrape at 274 million by the coffers of your state and provide a 20 per cent commission increase by 20 20. He also said he would restore $1 billion in school funding that has been cut since the recession. "K-12 education is a box that we will never check".

The proposal doesn't increase funding for other school needs.

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#RedForEd protesters demanded an immediate 20-percent raise for teachers and more money for support staff, too - guidance counselors, bus drivers, teacher's aides and others. In a video, they said they needed more details on where the funding would come from and how Ducey would push it through the state legislature, and said they plan to push forward with Friday's walkout. "We want to get more money into the classroom, more money into teacher pay, and it's always been about how we go about achieving that". He obviously is a huge supporter of the economy.

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