Trump promises he will support congressional protection for state's that legalize marijuana

Trump promises he will support congressional protection for state's that legalize marijuana

Trump promises he will support congressional protection for state's that legalize marijuana

"Late Wednesday, I received a commitment from the president that the Department of Justice's rescission of the Cole memo will not impact Colorado's legal marijuana industry", he said in a statement.

While he waited to ensure Colorado's state's rights, Gardner refused to approve of any DOJ nominees.

Trump says he will back congressional efforts to protect states' rights to legal marijuana. He said he was going to block DOJ nominees until the Cole Memo, which protected legalized marijuana states, was reinstated.

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Also, isn't it a little weird that Gardner kept insisting that "Colorado's legal marijuana industry" would be protected, not the industry in all legalized states?

Gardner called out both Sessions and Trump on the Senate floor shortly after Sessions announced his decision in January, evoking the president's past remarks on the campaign trail about states' rights while reminding the AG of their past discussions on the issue before the Senate confirmed Sessions in 2017. After positive discussions with DOJ, Gardner lifted some of his holds but kept the rest in place until he received a full commitment that the guidelines of the Cole Memo would be respected. When states like Colorado passed ballot initiatives legalizing recreational marijuana, the government decided it wast time to update its policies.

The Justice Department under President Barack Obama created guardrails for federal prosecution of the sale and possession of cannabis, which remains illegal under federal law, and allowed legalized marijuana to flourish in states across the country.

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Though pure speculation, Trump may be looking for a public-relations boost while embroiled in the ongoing investigation by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential campaign to Trump's benefit.

He said, "My colleagues and I are continuing to work diligently on a bipartisan legislative solution that can pass Congress and head to the President's desk to deliver on his campaign position".

Trump has been vague about his administration's views on cannabis reform, though he has expressed some hard-line views on drug enforcement recently, making his recent announcement all the more surprising.

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A bill has not been finalized, but Gardner has been talking quietly with other senators about a legislative fix that would, in effect, make clear that the federal government can not interfere with states that have voted to legalize marijuana. He has opposed decriminalizing the substance as an elected official.

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