United Kingdom opposition leader says no legal basis for attack on Syria

United Kingdom opposition leader says no legal basis for attack on Syria

United Kingdom opposition leader says no legal basis for attack on Syria

Theresa May termed Bashar al-Assad's use of chemical weapons as a "persistent pattern of behaviour", adding that the British government judged it highly likely that the Syrian regime has continued to use chemical weapons since [the attack last June], and this must be stopped.

Alexander Yakovenko, the Russian ambassador to London, said the White Helmets, a British-funded civil defense force, were responsible for staging fake chemical attacks.

She said the strikes were "right and legal" to "prevent further humanitarian crisis".

She explained a storage facility, military bunker and a chemical weapons research facility were among the targets of a join operation with the United States and France's military.

Theresa May will address Parliament on Monday.

President Vladimir Putin has said Russian Federation will call an emergency session of the UN Security Council over air strikes on Syria.

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Russia, which intervened in the war in 2015 to back Assad, has denied there was a chemical attack and has accused Britain of helping to stage the Douma incident to stoke anti-Russian hysteria.

"I believe that the action taken will have significantly degraded the Syrian regime's ability to use chemical weapons", she said.

She said: "No other group but Syria's military could have carried out the chemical attack".

"Very careful scientific analysis was applied to determine where best to target the Storm Shadows to maximise the destruction of the stockpiled chemicals and to minimise any risks of contamination to the surrounding area", the ministry said.

"I think it is right that the worldwide community has come together and said we will not accept this", she added.

For his part, the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Gerard Batten, opposed the British military action in Syria.

Russian Federation claims it has proof Britain helped fake Syria attack
But Russia might not be so quick to retaliate - the country probably doesn't want to get into a shooting war with the US either. Nervous world stock markets showed signs of recovery after Trump's signal that military strikes might not be imminent.

Former PM David Cameron, who lost a vote in 2013 on taking action in Syria, said Mrs May was right to take action.

The Syrian Regime has a history of using chemical weapons against its own people in the most cruel and abhorrent way.

"We have. evidence that proves Britain was directly involved in organising this provocation", defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said.

President Trump said the three allies had "marshaled their righteous power against barbarism and brutality".

"There is a wider question on the future political solution for Syria and that is a matter that we will continue to pursue in diplomatic and political channels with our worldwide partners and allies", May said.

Trump Administration 'Confident' Assad Regime Used Chemical Weapons to 'Terrorize' Syrian Civilians
McConnell said that "the planning for this robust operation by the United States and our allies was clearly well considered". In the days since the suspected attack, the president has repeatedly warned that a military strike was on the table.

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