United States lowers NAFTA key auto content demand: Mexico auto lobby

United States lowers NAFTA key auto content demand: Mexico auto lobby

United States lowers NAFTA key auto content demand: Mexico auto lobby

The vice president attended the Summit of the Americas after Trump earlier this week canceled plans to attend the event so he could craft a response to the chemical attack, for which USA officials say there's proof of Assad's involvement.

Thousands of miles from home, Vice President Mike Pence was thrust into a new, more immediate, role on the world stage Saturday: explaining President Donald Trump's military strike in Syria to a summit of Latin America leaders.

After the meeting with Pence, Canada's leader Justin Trudeau said the "positive momentum" included the thorny issue of USA demands around automobile production.

"It's not done yet, there are still issues that need to be resolved", Pence told reporters on the sidelines of the Summit of the Americas, which he and Ross were attending here in Peru's capital with leaders from across the Western Hemisphere.

VP Pence called the United States led airstrikes on Syria a success.

Trump declares 'Mission Accomplished!' in Syria airstrikes
Mr Trudeau said in a press conference that it was "unfortunate" military action was needed to degrade the use of chemical weapons. As the attack unfolded, Moscow claimed that 71 out of 103 missiles were intercepted by Russian-made Syrian air defenses.

Pentagon officials earlier Saturday suggested they had proof that the Assad regime was behind the attack but could not elaborate as the information is classified.

"Last night, the aim of the mission of this (our) commander-in-chief handed our military forces was utterly attained, with accelerated professionalism", Pence claimed in a reaction to reporters' inquiries about whether Trump reluctantly reevaluate the mission's no effect.

"Our message to Russian is, 'You're on the wrong side of history, ' " Pence also said.

Pence said the U.S.is "prepared to continue this effort until we are assured that chemical weapons will never be used again against innocent civilians in Syria". You're known by the company that you keep.

Pence said he was "very hopeful" that Mexico, Canada and the US were close to an agreement on the negotiated trade pact.

Syria strikes an 'important signal' to Iran and Hezbollah: Israeli minister
Syrian state media reported only three people injured, while Russia's defense ministry said there were "no victims" among Syrian civilians and military personnel.

Vice President Mike Pence says the topic of funding President Donald Trump's long-promised border wall did not come up in his meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto at an worldwide summit in Peru.

The meeting comes amid tensions between Trump and Mexico over immigration and the president's calls for a border wall.

"There is a desire and a recognition by all three Nafta partners that the time-lines imposed upon us by both the upcoming, the imminent Mexican elections and the upcoming American midterms, means that we have a certain amount of pressure to try and move forward successfully in the coming weeks", Trudeau said.

Pence, however, justified the attack by merely stating that the USA did not act alone, claiming that other leaders at the Latin American summit had both publicly and privately expressed support for the Syria bombardment.

Reports that Damascus prevented OPCW from entering Syria are false - Lavrov
Both the Russian military and the Syrian government said they would facilitate the mission and ensure the inspectors' security. He went on saying that the West's only justification of its strikes against Syria are reports from media and social networks.

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