Police to provide update on McArthur case this morning

Police to provide update on McArthur case this morning

Police to provide update on McArthur case this morning

Police in Toronto, Canada, have charged alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur with an eighth count of first-degree murder after identifying another set of remains.

A police source previously told CBC Toronto the image of the dead man was among a cache of pictures of alleged victims found on McArthur's computer.

Kanagratnam is the second alleged victim of McArthur's who was an immigrant from Sri Lanka.

Idsinga said Kanagaratnam, 37, arrived from Sri Lanka in 2010 and was not on file as missing.

Police believe Kanagaratnam was killed sometime between 3 September and 14 December 2015.

Police released the photo to the public in March and confirmed his identity last week.

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Police say McArthur targeted men he encountered through dating apps that cater to gay men, meeting them at bars in the Gay Village.

The alleged serial killer made an appearance in court today via video to hear the newest charge brought against him by police.

McArthur was arrested in January and charged with the murders of Andrew Kinsman and Selim Esen, who went missing from Toronto's gay village in 2017.

Lead investigator Det. Sgt. Hank Idsinga announced Monday at a news briefing that the latest victim's name was Kirushna Kumar Kanagaratnam. He declined to say how the worldwide agency contributed to the investigation or how Toronto police came by the photo in the first place.

Police say they plan to investigate at least 70 more properties where McArthur is believed to have worked starting next month, and also remain on the scene of McArthur's east-Toronto apartment. Later that month, he was charged with the murders of Majeed Kayhan, Soroush Mahmudi, and Dean Lisowick.

"We have lots of searches left to do as the weather gets warmer", Idsinga said.

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It remains unclear where the man was from or how he was identified.

"He doesn't quite fit the profile of what we've seen before", Idsinga said.

He emphasized, however, that police have not uncovered any evidence to suggest that McArthur's alleged killing spree began before 2010 when Navaratnam is believed to have died.

The remains of all but Kayhan were found in planters at the home of one of McArthur's landscaping clients, Idsinga said, adding Kayhan's remains have yet to be identified. It's unknown whether he will be facing further charges, but investigators are looking into murders and disappearances going back as far as 1975.

So far, all of the eight suspected victims except Kanagaratnam had ties to the city's Gay Village.

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