Trump Suggests He Is Making The Phrase 'Mission Accomplished' Great Again

Trump Suggests He Is Making The Phrase 'Mission Accomplished' Great Again

Trump Suggests He Is Making The Phrase 'Mission Accomplished' Great Again

Trump announced from the White House on Friday night that the USA, in coordination with France and the United Kingdom, had launched strikes on Syria following a week of threats of retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack on civilians by the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. A senior Russian military official said on Saturday that Syria's air defences, which mostly consist of systems made in the former Soviet Union, had intercepted 71 of the 105 American, British and French missiles.

"Our job was never to take Assad out", Haley said, referring to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. I think everyone is going to feel it at this point.

"I think everyone knows that we sent a strong message and our hope is that they listen to it", Haley said of this week's air strikes.

The U.S. has vowed to also squeeze Syria's allies Russian Federation and Iran. We went after their massive research facility which was the heart of their chemical weapons program and we went after their production facility. If Assad ignores Friday's relatively modest military strike and continues to use chemical weapons, Trump faces an hard choice.

The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, described the use of chemical weapons as "abhorrent", but stressed that member states must act in accordance with "international law in general".

Putin made his remarks in a telephone conversation with Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani after the United States (US), France and Britain launched missile strikes on Syria on Saturday over a suspected poison gas attack.

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Orders from President Donald Trump to launch airstrikes in Syria is drawing mixed reactions in Chicago.

Regarding the diplomatic follow-up in the wake of the strike, Haley said that Assad is "not worthy" of direct talks with the U.S. Haley said the U.S. had previously gone through "every diplomatic measure of talking that we could and it was time for action". "This was not muscle flexing".

He added: "We need to put clear limits in place before he starts another war, and I'm working to do just that". After the middle-of-the-night attack on Syria, some USA television commentators poked fun at Trump's use of the "Mission accomplished" term, first used in 2003 by former President George W. Bush, who claimed prematurely and wrongly that the us had successfully completed its military attack on Iraq. Iran's influence has been growing after defeat of terror groups in Iraq and Syria where Iranian military advisors have played important role.

In Syria, the United States - with a small force being used to eliminate what is left of Isis (the Islamic State group) - is doing what is necessary to protect the American people. But as CNN has reported, "when Obama considered launching airstrikes in Syria against 2013, he chose to go to Congress before striking, and the resistance he faced there convinced the president not to hit Assad".

On Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron took credit for convincing Trump to change his mind about pulling out of Syria.

Haley said President Donald Trump is prepared to strike Syria again if that happens, though she declined to say how the United States would respond to the use of conventional weapons.

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"Some of the missiles hit one of the buildings of the Research Center in Barzeh in Damascus, which includes an educational center and scientific laboratories, causing material damage only while other missiles targeted a military position near Homs were forced to deviate from their tracks, meantime their explosions resulted in the injury of 3 civilians", added the Ministry. I support President Trump's limited action to target chemical weapons facilities and hold this brutal regime accountable.

Sen. Tim Kaine, also appearing on "Face the Nation", slammed the air strikes as illegal and reckless without approval from Congress.

"The internal contradictions at work in Trump's approach were on full display Friday night when the president addressed the nation".

The OPCW team will also have to deal with the risk that evidence may have been removed from the site, which lies in an area that has been controlled by Russian military police and Syrian forces over the past week.

"It's illegal because he didn't come and ask permission", he said.

Israeli security heads confer after Trump's threat to bomb Syria
He added it would have an "utterly destructive impact on the Syrian settlement". "The line is used and it is active". He spoke during a meeting with Ali Akbar Velayati, an aide to the supreme leader of ally Iran.

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