Harvard Arrest: Police Under Fire for Repeatedly Punching Naked Black Student

Harvard Arrest: Police Under Fire for Repeatedly Punching Naked Black Student

Harvard Arrest: Police Under Fire for Repeatedly Punching Naked Black Student

It contains racial slurs and expletives used by bystanders as a crowd gathered. A fourth officer helps restrain Ohene, and one of the officers can be seen striking Ohene once, according to video released by police. Critics have accused them of beating Ohene.

"Police have acknowledged that an officer punched him five times in the stomach", The New York Times reported.

A woman called 911 saying a man had thrown his clothes in her face. Approximately six other calls were received for a male who was reportedly completely naked. He said the officers "engaged" with the student for "minutes" before tackling him. It was learned from his acquaintances that he previously took narcotics, which could have a hallucinogenic effect when ingested.

Bard said violence is the last resort, and expressed solidarity with the officers.

Burke writes that Ohene clenched his fists toward an officer "in an aggressive manner". His legs were grabbed, and he was taken down to the ground.

Segun Idowu, a police accountability advocate in Boston, said it's too early to say whether police overreacted, but he can understand why the use of force resonates with some activists.

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"We operate in a practical world", Bard said. They say he was transported to the hospital for an evaluation and spit a mixture of blood and saliva at an EMT while en route.

He is charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, assault, resisting arrest, and assault and battery on an ambulance personnel.

Asked why the student has been charged if the incident involves concerns over the undergraduate's mental health, Bard said the department is now working to decide whether the student's situation means he would be better served by "means other than the criminal justice system". "The video speaks for itself". The commissioner said "it's a very hard thing to do" to "constrain an individual against their will". "You have to judge their actions within the context of a rapidly evolving situation and not within an ideal construct". "As many as 30 onlookers had stopped to observe the nude male on Mass Ave". It also said the officers had tried to obstruct witnesses' attempts to record the encounter, but it did not specify how.

He added: 'Every attempt that was made to calm Ohene down and reason with him was met with opposition. Witnesses accuse the police of acting without provocation.

On Friday night at about 10 p.m. Cambridge police responded to the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Waterhouse Street after receiving calls about a naked man standing in the street.

"A naked, unarmed Black man stood still on the median at the center of Massachusetts Avenue across from Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church", the group's statement said.

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Bard explained that after Ohene was brought down, he "contorted his body" in a way that pinned his arms beneath his body, thus making it impossible for the officers to handcuff him.

I know that the Cambridge Police Department takes great pride in serving and protecting the City of Cambridge. The officers held him to the ground until paramedics arrived, placed him on a stretcher, and put him in the ambulance.

"A pool of blood remained on the pavement as the ambulance departed", according to the Black Law Students Association.

The organization asked people not to share Oherne's name.

"What is shown in the video is disturbing".

Idowu said all police departments should have body camera programs - and Cambridge does not. Each incident officers are involved with can have varying degrees of challenges and dynamics, which is why our officers undergo extensive and some of the most progressive training in country, particularly in the areas of Trauma-Informed Training, Crisis Intervention Training, Mental Health Training, and de-escalation techniques.

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