Plan to use your tax refund wisely

Plan to use your tax refund wisely

Plan to use your tax refund wisely

"Neither are good options", Agel said.

Today is the final day to file your 2017 federal tax returns. You'll need to say the password, "Made from scratch", in order to cash in.

So, what could happen if the IRS catches you for not disclosing your crypto gains/losses?

"It's not too late get your taxes in, get them filed if you can, if not an extension is not a red flag, it's not an error, it's not an issue, take advantage of the extension and get your tax returns filed."

The reason for an extension varies, but it could be as simple as an address change that caused some documents to go missing. If you are one of those people, this is your previous year to file and get that return or the US Treasury will be keeping your money.

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Once again, it's time to ponder Benjamin Franklin's words: "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes". Any forms must bear a Tuesday postmark or be submitted electronically before midnight to be considered on time.

If you are interested in filing for an extension, Williams says you can either drop into a location like Liberty Tax or H&R Block or, you can fill out the paperwork online.

Most of the deals are only offered on Tuesday, but some started early while others extend past Tuesday.

Chuck E Cheese. This tax season, families can enjoy a guaranteed return at Chuck E. Cheese. "Because if you do owe at the time you file you can receive an installment agreement".

Individuals can file an extension easily. Returns this year are due by April 17, unless you file for an automatic six-month extension.

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Quiznos. To celebrate Tax Day, Quiznos To celebrate Tax Day, Quiznos is offering a 10.40 percent deduction off any purchase including catering, on April 17 to new or existing Toasty Points loyalty app members at all participating USA locations.

Tax Day is on Tuesday whether you owe money or you're getting a refund, some companies are offering some great deals for Tax Day.

The failure-to-file penalty is generally 5 percent per month and can be as much as 25 percent of the unpaid tax, depending on how late the taxpayer files. The IRS accepts the payment as an extension - no need to separately file a Form 4868.

The amount you pay with the extension should be at least 90 percent of your actual tax liability.

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