Police expected to take stand in Cosby trial

Police expected to take stand in Cosby trial

Police expected to take stand in Cosby trial

But Mesereau, who's best known for winning Michael Jackson an acquittal in his 2005 child molestation case, was incredulous as Constand denied being aware that Cosby was sexually attracted to her - even after he touched her thigh on one occasion and tried unbuttoning her trousers on another.

Prosecutors at Pennsylvania are now retrying Cosby on charges that he mistreated 4 5, Andrea Constand, in his suburban Philadelphia home in 2014 and drugged.

"She didn't buy ME a house", Gianna Constand snapped. "This isn't about money".

Jackson alleges that she while working as an academic coordinator for the women's basketball team, Constand told her she could monetarily profit from accusing a celebrity of sexual assault.

Gianna Constand testified that Cosby said during the phone call that he was a "sick man".

She said she was "very combative" with Cosby, demanding he tell her the medication he'd given her daughter and what he'd done to her.

She said Cosby told her he'd given Andrea Constand a prescription drug - not the cold and allergy medicine Benadryl as he has claimed - but didn't provide the name of it. After she consumed three blue pills that he said would relax her, she said she became immobilized and awoke to find Cosby touching her breasts and vagina and using her hand to stroke his penis.

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"He said to me, 'Don't worry, Mom, there was no penile penetration, ' " Gianna Constand shared with the court. However, she has since modified her statement, saying she "recalls a Margo".

Gianna Constand, who testified during Cosby's first trial on the same charges, brought new emotion to the courtroom as she rehashed her disturbing communications with the TV pioneer.

The judge in Bill Cosby's sexual assault retrial says he's seeing the courtroom clearly again after having emergency surgery over the weekend to fix a torn retina.

Constand testified that she could not move as Cosby assaulted her on the couch.

Constand took the stand Friday morning when Cosby's lead defense attorney Tom Mesereau set the foundation for his team's attack on Constand's credibility - the strategy the defense has employed since before the trial started. The defence said she spent late nights at the comedian's home, drove four hours to see him at a casino and called him twice on Valentine's Day, about a month after the alleged assault.

In many cases, she said she was only returning his calls, perhaps to alert him to a basketball game, and that her contacts were not evidence of any romance.

Mesereau then said, "Before you filed charges against Mr Cosby, did you fabricate a scheme?"

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Here are six things we learned from her testimony and the cross-examination, including her mentor-like relationship with Cosby, how she felt after the alleged assault and her "consistent but mistaken" testimony in some areas.

The defense plans to call as a witness a former Temple administrator, Marguerite Jackson, to testify that before Constand lodged her allegations against Cosby in 2005, Constand had mused to her about setting up a "high-profile person" and filing suit.

A judge blocked Jackson from testifying at last year's trial after Constand took the stand and denied knowing her.

Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judge Steve T. O'Neill has not yet ruled whether he would allow Jackson to testify.

The judge has ruled that Jackson can take the stand at the retrial but indicated he could revisit the issue after Constand was finished testifying.

Constand has accused of assaulting her when she entered him to discuss leaving her task, Cosby.

Defence lawyers for Bill Cosby hammered away at his main accuser's account on Monday, focusing on her cellphone records that they suggested contradicted her story. The defence has called the other accusers irrelevant to the case.

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Mesereau clawed back, making clear to jurors that Constand's answers have varied on the date of the alleged assault, how often she dined out with Cosby, whether she made a point of wearing a cashmere sweater he gifted her to one of their meetings and where she wound up when she visited his room at a CT casino.

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