WaPo/ABC Poll: Democrat advantage on voter preferences and enthusiasm shrinks

WaPo/ABC Poll: Democrat advantage on voter preferences and enthusiasm shrinks

WaPo/ABC Poll: Democrat advantage on voter preferences and enthusiasm shrinks

Boston-area billionaire hedge fund manager Seth Klarman will now start funding mostly Democrats after a history of giving large donations to Republicans. The Cook Political Report, which produces nonpartisan analysis, lists 56 of the 435 congressional districts as competitive - 51 of them in Republican hands to just five held by Democrats.

"As we learned in 2016, these generic polls are a snapshot in time that widely fluctuate leading up to the election", Martin said.

Even more significantly for Democratic fortunes, the poll finds the overall swing is coming mainly from GOP-held seats.

Fueling the negative numbers for Republicans was New Jerseyans' disapproval of Trump's performance in office.

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Fifty-four percent of those who approve of Trump are looking for a candidate who agrees with them, a similar share to the 53 percent disapproving of Trump who say the same; the difference is that those who disapprove of the president outnumber those who approve by 10 points among registered voters.

Just 35 percent of state residents approve of the plan, while 46 percent don't like it, according to the poll. That includes roughly equal numbers on both sides of the issue - whether they prioritize enacting new laws to reduce gun violence or protecting the right to own guns.

The American Action Network, a nonprofit with ties to House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has spent more than $30 million on ads supporting the tax bill, including a new $1 million campaign in 30 districts, including MacArthur's.

"Most New Jerseyans feel like they've ended up with the short end of the stick from these tax reforms", Murray said.

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Nearly half of N.J. registered voters, 48 percent, said they expected to pay more in federal taxes even as New Jersey already sends billions of dollars more to Washington than it receives in services.

Besides Trump's personality, Klarman has taken issue with his policies, particularly the tax cut. Those who say it is extremely important favor Democrats over Republicans by 11 points, 54 percent to 43 percent.

Two long-time GOP incumbents, Reps. Fewer, but still half, call it important for them to back a candidate who shares their view of Donald Trump, and a yet small number, about a third, are looking for a candidate who agrees with them about Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader.

"Those are seats that Republicans would argue have never been on the battlefield in the past", said Rep. The new poll discovered that Democrats can possibly be competitive at the five Republican districts these mid-terms, together with voter preference across the five districts almost evenly divide for a generic GOP candidate (46%) in contrast with an Democrat (44 percent).

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A Washington Post-ABC News poll released Monday showed a nationwide tightening for Democrats in a generic congressional ballot among registered voters, down to an advantage of 4 percentage points at 47%. The poll found that in accordance with the average border Democrats appreciated within those districts in 2014 and 2016, the candidate was preferred by voters to the Republican candidate 59% to 28 percent, at such 7 districts united.

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