12-year-old boy steals parents' credit card, flies to Bali alone

12-year-old boy steals parents' credit card, flies to Bali alone

12-year-old boy steals parents' credit card, flies to Bali alone

Using his smartphone to do some research, this clever little boy figured out that he didn't need to be accompanied by an adult to board an aeroplane to Bali.

A 12-year-old Australian boy has pulled off a bold feat that is drawing global headlines: He stole his mom's credit card and managed to fly to Bali, Indonesia, for a posh, four-day vacation before getting caught, reports 9 News.

His mum Emma caught on to what was happening when she received a phone call from Drew's school after he didn't rock up, then she checked her recent purchases and realised, horrifyingly, that her soon was very likely in Bali.

The boy told his parents that he was going to school.

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He was only quizzed once, at Perth airport, when staff asked him for identification to prove he was over 12.

Interestingly, Drew claims that in Australia, no one asked him anything about why he was unattended, or where his parents were, even after learning he was only 12. But he told the immigrations officer that his mom was waiting outside - and off he went. The first time anyone asked him if he was alone was in Bali.

You see, 12-year-old Drew (not his real name) doesn't like the word "no" and after a heated argument with mum, Drew made a decision to do something drastic. He stayed in a nice hotel, got people to serve him beer - he hated it - and even rented a motorcycle, even though he didn't have a license. They alerted police who tried to track Drew down.

Meanwhile, Drew's mother Emma had reported her son missing after discovering he never made it to school.

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You won't believe what Drew got up to over the next four days.

In total, Drew spent more than $6,100 (8,000 AUD) on his adventure.

The boy said: 'It was great because I wanted to go on an adventure'.

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