Amazon working on robot for early 2019, claims Bloomberg report

Amazon working on robot for early 2019, claims Bloomberg report

Amazon working on robot for early 2019, claims Bloomberg report

Danger Dr. Smith, Robbie the Robot has taken over Westworld and is on his way to global domination.

According to a recent Research and Markets estimation cited by Bloomberg, the consumer robot market will be worth around US$15 billion by 2023.

Rumors have been floating around for a few months now of a new device from Amazon that would mash-up the media streaming capabilities of its Fire TV line with the voice assistant abilities of the Echo. The project, codenamed "Vesta" after the Roman goddess of the hearth, home, and family, reportedly kicked off years ago, but has been gaining steam of late. The company has listed a number of jobs on the Lab 126 Jobs page, some of which suggest that the company is about to roll out the implementation of the project.

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Prototypes can reportedly navigate through homes like a self-driving vehicle. Former Apple executive Max Paley is leading the work on computer vision. These include "Principle Sensors Engineer" and "Software Engineer, Robotics". However, people close to the project have indicated that the robot will be in a form of a mobile Alexa, and will accompany customers in some sections of theirs homes where they can't access Echo.

The home robots would have to do more than iRobot's Roomba vacuum.

What happens when you combine the smarts of Amazon Alexa and the functionality of an Amazon Echo, then spin them around in a cube-shaped can that doubles as a Fire TV OS-powered set-top box?

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Amazon now uses robots in its product warehouses, though obviously Vesta bot would be specialized to operate in the home.

Amazon has not addressed any privacy questions that may come up when a robot begins collecting data to perform its as-yet-to-be-designated functions.

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