Boosted security and AI features

Boosted security and AI features

Boosted security and AI features

Smart replies, a feature that has been available on the Gmail mobile app, will now be available for web users as well, allowing you to quickly reply to messages.

Rumors of a major Gmail update have been floating around for a while, and while the changes are primarily aimed at business customers, many of them will be coming to the free consumer version of Gmail, as well.

Emails with sensitive information can be put in "confidential mode". After clicking on an icon that resembles a clock, you can set the expiration at 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, or whatever. As an added security measure, you can require a recipient to authenticate via a text message, before they can even view the email.

In addition to testing the new Gmail with employees and power-users, Google sought feedback from seniors, who are often the first to spot a case of redesign-itis.

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Google will also start rolling out phishing warnings within emails, displaying colored banners at the top of the email in red, yellow, or grey based on the perceived risk factor.

Gmail will now tell you to follow up and respond to messages that you've been putting off. High-priority notifications also curbs interruptions and makes recommendations on what to unsubscribe to. If the crux of an email is simply filler to get you to read an attachment, you can bypass all that and jump straight in. The company has finally introduced the new design which includes several new features that will also be made available to regular Gmail accounts.

Google declined to specify costs associated with the redesign. Ruth Porat, CFO of Gmail did offer some data about the expenditure by stating that most cash burns happened as a result of hardware purchases to support expanding the use of machine learning, which plays a main role in automated programs and features like the ones that can identify spam and sorting emails on basis of importance. The new web form of Gmail has been meant to look significantly more like the mobile app adaptations, as Google hopes to embrace a predictable outline language crosswise over stages. Tap the button, and you can "snooze" an email you just don't have time to deal with.

You just tap the cogwheel for settings in the upper right corner and select "Attempt the new Gmail".

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It's worth pointing out that many standard Gmail features aren't going anywhere. There is also a choice for the recipient to receive an SMS message with a passcode generated by Google in order to access the email.

Google calendar is now built directly into your inbox.

Google started adding AI to Gmail a year ago with the ability to use "smart replies" to quickly respond to emails with phrases Google's machine learning algorithms would come up with. You can even search through up to 90 days of messages, thanks to local caching.

For example, users will now be able to hover over an email subject line to RSVP to an invite, archive a message or set a snooze alarm.

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